The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships 2018

I started pole dancing in January and since then I have always wanted to go to a pole dancing competition. It’s one of those things like cheerleading, where you wonder what a competition is like because you don’t really see it as a competitive sport.

So when the time came to get tickets for the All Ireland competition I decided it was time to find out what it was all about.

First of all, it’s a long competition. I feel like this is something that’s not talked about. Depending on the number of people performing in the categories it can go on for a long time. I was at this competition for roughly six hours. Yeah. Insane. I originally thought it was a couple of hours kind of thing. But no.

I didn’t have a problem with the competition being long, but I would have liked to know roughly because I would have planned accordingly and brought snacks or something lol.

Second, the performances are incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean I know what people normally think of pole dancing but this is next level. And as someone who is new to the pole world, I appreciate the performance even more because I know the work and strength it takes to even get to a level where you can perform a routine like that.

I applaud anyone who has the confidence to compete like that because it’s amazing. I was awed by every single person that performed, their techniques and elegance. It’s definitely something I would recommend seeing.

And finally, would I ever do it?

Probably not. I have only been doing pole for a little less than a year and I am definitely nowhere near confident enough in my skills. That, and seeing the amateur category at the competition made me feel like I knew nothing about pole.

I think it would be really fun to perform though, even just when we do dance routines and things in class it gives me confidence and makes me feel sexy. So I think it would be fun to do routines…but probably within the privacy and safety of my own pole class lol.

But I guess we see what happens, maybe in a few years I’ll keep up the hard work and be competing before you know it! ūüėõ

Until then, I’m just content with going to class and leaving the performing/competing to the professionals ūüôā

~ Courtney x

Solitaire by Alice Oseman Review

I picked this book up a few years ago when I was out with friends because I read the blurb and thought “hey that sounds like me”. Nothing draws you into a book more than it being relatable to you.

This book definitely brought back memories of school. And with the writing style and the short chapters, it made for an easy read.

It was something very different to other books I normally go for, but I enjoyed it all the same. I think the characters were interesting and I was constantly wanting to know more about Michael Holden, the mysterious new guy at school.

I rolled my eyes when I saw the cover of the book though and it was all “this is not a love story“. But it’s not, I think they made that very clear when one of the characters starts this blog and all these pranks just because he¬†thinks¬†he’s in love with someone. It’s just a bit much, and Tori definitely does not swoon and fall into his arms and think he’s the love of her life.

So it’s not a love story.

But that doesn’t mean that love did not come out of this story. As in, Tori and Michael. I kind of called it as soon as I started reading the book because I still believed somewhere in there, there was a love story. So of course, two people who seem like outcasts find their way to each other. I didn’t want it if I’m honest. I just wanted them to be friends.

Aside from that, I did like it. It’s relatable and it’s got some mystery to it. This whole idea of a mysterious blog pulling pranks on the school… It makes me think of other dramas that I like with anonymous characters. Though I gotta say the reveal wasn’t too shocking, I also think it was kind of insane. Especially to think that doing something like that would make someone fall in love with you…but sure that happens in books like this. The person that does the damage always has some motive that sounds crazy.

I also think I was more interested in Tori’s brother and his issues than most others. I think the way it was described was well done and I just wanted to know more.

Then to end it all there was the lesson of the book. The idea that instead of waiting for change to happen you need to get out there and do something about yourself. This comes through Tori’s own realisation of the lesson as she tries to stop Solitaire’s actions. It was fine, I mean I guess it is something you learn when you are around that age, at school and everything is shit and you blame everything in the universe except yourself. Obviously, you can’t control everything in your life that is horrible but there are some things you can change and take action on.

And so, overall I think it was a good read. Something very different to what I’m used to but I liked the writing style. I felt like it was relatable, and will be relatable to a lot of young people who are in secondary school, though that might have something to do with the author being 18/19 when she wrote it. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact it’s a good story with developed characters.

I give this book 4/5 stars. If you want to know what I’m reading next be sure to follow me on Goodreads! I gave myself the challenge of reading 12 books in 2018 and I’ve just finished book 10/12! Now there’s no time to waste, onto book 11/12.

~ Courtney x

Animal Crossing Switch Predictions


Now that Nintendo has FINALLY confirmed an Animal Crossing Switch game, I thought I would share some things that I hope/predict will be in the game.

1. Integration with the Mobile App


This is something that will most likely be in the game, I don’t know how it would work exactly but something tells me it will be a thing. I would¬†love¬†if they somehow connected the mobile campsite to a Switch campsite.

I thought the addition of the campsite in the New Leaf game was super cute, and if it was a reason to keep Harvey around in the game then I would be all for it.

I also think that because they are doing some kind of integration with Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee that they would also want that for Animal Crossing. Nintendo want to keep their mobile players as well as entice them to get a Switch, so having the mobile version and the console version work together in some way would probably be some kind of advantage to them.

2. Bigger Towns!


With the Switch, I expect nothing more than a bigger town. The towns we get in the game are usually quite big but it’s nice to have more space, more space to put public work projects, more space for more villagers, just more space for everything…

I would also love if the beach area was expanded so we could have more things there, I’m not sure what things but I think it’s nice to have a bigger beach area to wander around.

Something else that would be great as well is a bigger town plaza and shopping area. Personally, I find the town plaza can be a little small for events with Isabelle standing around and Redd and his stall. So it would be cool to have maybe a bigger plaza area.

As for the shopping area, I loved the way they did it in New Leaf, and visiting the City in Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City was fun but there’s no harm in making it bigger…

3. Bring Constellations Back!

Meteor Shower.jpg

Something we don’t get to do in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is add constellations to the sky. While this is not something I usually did it was still a nice touch to the game and I know people miss it.

That being said I do really love the sky in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It was one of my favourites.

4. More Holidays!

Viva Festivale (5).JPG

This is something I hope for every time there’s a new Animal Crossing game. I love special events in the game and they are always great to play alone or with friends.

I know some regions get more holidays than others but I think it would be cool if you could celebrate all holidays everywhere. Just so you can get some cool items and maybe learn a bit more about a country’s culture.

It would also be if we could make a few of our own holidays, like you can with Sims 4 Seasons, but I think that’s just me being too hopeful haha. Though I think it would be cool if you could choose what kind of celebration you had on your anniversary of becoming mayor.

5. Still the Mayor?


I assume with this new game we will still be the mayor, I feel like the game will have the same basis as New Leaf but will just a lot more features. I don’t want a complete rehash of the previous game but things like being mayor would be nice to do.

I would also love if we got more tasks to do while being mayor, I think it was interesting how before you could really do anything in town you had a checklist to complete when you first start the game and I like that kind of thing.

I’m not saying Animal Crossing should be an entirely task-based game like some but every so often a request given to you because you are the mayor would be nice.

6. Happy Home Designer Interior Design


It might be safe to assume that for the Switch game they are going to change the way you design the inside of your house, using the features of Happy Home Designer. I think this is something they actually did add to the New Leaf version of the game so why not make it a thing on the Switch? It’s a lot easier than walking around the whole of your house to move a bit of furniture.

7. Customise Your Character!


I would be seriously surprised if this new Animal Crossing game did not let us customise our character. What I mean by that, is being able to change the skin tone of your character and what their face looks like.

In previous Animal Crossing games, you didn’t get to decide what you’re character looked like, it was chosen based on some questions you answered in the beginning. But since the addition of Happy Home Designer, we have been able to choose what our character looks like as well as their skin tone. So I hope this is something we can do in the new game.

Especially because I have been using the same Animal Crossing character for as long as I can remember so it would be great if I could just create them in the beginning rather than having to use an online face guide.

8. More Stuff!

I guess to end this blog post, I should say we just want more stuff. More of everything.

More items, more holidays, more clothes, more fruit, more collectables…the list goes on.

One of the things I love about the Animal Crossing series is that the basic game will always be the same, and all we want is for it to be improved upon and made the best it can be.

I feel like there were more things I could have added to this list but those are all the ones that I can think of for now.

I’m excited to find out more about the game as time goes on. I am hoping for a summer game release like they did with New Leaf, I think it would be a good time to release the game just because they have a lot happening in town in terms of bugs/fish and the fireworks shows. Plus it means not having to wait almost a whole year for it to be released. The earlier it’s released in 2019 the better!

Until then, I think I will just have to be content with the other Animal Crossing games we have so far…

~ Courtney x

Life And Death Twilight Reimagined by Stephanie Meyer Review


I picked up this book a few years ago when I was in Eason’s and have finally gotten around to reading it now!

As someone who used to fangirl about Twilight, basically non-stop I felt like I had to get this. The 10th-anniversary edition of Twilight with Life and Death, Twilight reimagined.

Originally I was not sold on the idea of gender-swapped Twilight, what was the point when it was basically the same story over. But I did want to give it a go. So I decided to reread Twilight before reading the new story to compare.

Truth be told, I did find Life and Death interesting, it has the same basic core story but I was interested to see how things would be changed to fit the new gender roles. How Beau would end up stranded in Port Angeles for Edythe to come and rescue him, how they ended up at the ballet studio because Beau didn’t take ballet lessons…

The swaps were interesting, and I actually found myself enjoying the story of Beau and Edythe more. I don’t really know why that was, I guess it was because it was new, I know the Edward and Bella story like the back of my hand but changing some of the details made me want to read more.

The biggest change in Life And Death is the ending. I don’t know if I liked the ending so much.

I think it’s because by this time I knew what happened, I’d read it before and having it reiterated differently was just boring. In this version, Beau ends up becoming a vampire, and then there’s pages and pages of him explaining the agony of his transformation while Edythe and her family tell him about their pasts, which we already know about from the previous books.

The last chapter and the epilogue of the book were boring for me, I just think because it was like when Bella became a vampire except much later, they had a run in with the wolves because they thought the Cullens had killed Beau, and learning about the Volturi and everything.

I feel like maybe Stephanie just wanted to add some more information about these things because she felt she didn’t have them in the original series but I felt it wasn’t needed. I guess I just wanted the exact same Twilight story but with the names changed, which is what it is for 90%.

Overall I did enjoy it, I think it’s something people should read if they are interested in Twilight and liked the original books. I can’t say I would want more of the gender-swapped world, I prefer the original but I think it was a nice read and it was pretty great to revisit the Twilight world after being away from it for so long.

I give this book 4/5 stars and am eagerly looking forward to my next read! For all updates on my books and what I’m reading feel free to follow me on Goodreads.

~ Courtney x


Currently Watching: September 2018


I want to add a currently watching section to the blog, kind of like my currently reading one for Goodreads but it doesn’t give me the option to add a widget, so I’m going to make blog posts every so often.

I am currently at a point where I am looking for some new shows to watch, this usually happens when one of my shows ends but it takes me ages to find a new show that I like so for now, I am rewatching a couple of shows.


The first one being Gilmore Girls. This show is very chill and something that is nice to throw on when you’re just chilling and want something on in the background. I only watched the show for the first time at the start of this year and I don’t know why it took me so long to get into it because I love it. The Netflix spin-off…not so much.


The next show I am rewatching is the Vampire Diaries! The reason why I am rewatching this is that it has been a couple years since the show ended and I miss it. Another reason why I am rewatching is to finally watch the Originals.

The Originals is a spinoff of the Vampire Diaries that started around season 3/4 of Vampire Diaries about the Original vampires, the reason why I didn’t watch it while Vampire Diaries was still airing was that I felt like it was¬†too much¬†of the same world to watch every week so I stuck with Vampire Diaries.

My plan is to watch Vampire Diaries up until the point where the spinoff starts and watch that. Then I will probably go back to the Vampire Diaries because there is another spinoff coming for it very soon I believe which I am very excited about because who doesn’t need a little more of Mystic Falls in their life?


Aside from shows I am rewatching, there are also shows I am watching that are still airing such as Suits. The new season started a couple of months ago and I am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

I felt like it would be weird without Mike and Rachel but so far the new season has been really good.

Other shows which I am watching which are still airing are Riverdale and Dynasty, both of which do not return until October.


And the last show that I am watching is Cable Girls, also known as Las chicas del cable which is a Spanish drama on Netflix which is English dubbed. I found this last year and I was hooked right away. I just discovered that season 3 has been released to Netflix so you know I will be binge-watching this as soon as possible.

Those are all the shows I am currently watching, I look forward to the return of Dynasty and Riverdale to give me other things to look forward to weekly. In the meantime, I am more than happy to be rewatching some old shows because then I don’t have to stress about finding some new ones.

If you have any suggestions for shows I might like then feel free to leave them in the comments below.

~ Courtney x