Lazy Days

Last weekend I spent some time doing nothing.

I used to hate doing nothing, I feel like today everyone needs to be doing something at all times because if you’re not doing something then you’re being lazy.

But sometimes you just need to do nothing. But only sometimes, if you do it too much then you will get bored, which is something that I discovered back in 2009 when I was struggling to find things to keep myself occupied, according to my Facebook memories.

Anyway, since I finished work placement, I have been keeping myself busy by seeing my friends, my boyfriend, starting my new website, making YouTube videos, selling on eBay…basically just anything I can do to be a little bit productive during the day I have been doing it.

Which has been great, I have really enjoyed doing things because it makes me feel productive and that I have accomplished something rather than just sitting at home and watching Netflix all day.

But last weekend, that’s what I did.

It started on Friday, I had plans with my friends that night but nothing special planned during the day so I just binge-watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It was wonderful.

The lazy weekend continued on Saturday when my friends and I spent the day in my room, eating pizza and watching Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson on YouTube.

I didn’t feel guilty at all. Which, normally I would, I would feel like I had to do something productive those days to make it feel like the day was worthwhile. But just chilling, by myself and with my friends is exactly what I needed.

It was so great just to spend a couple of days not focusing on making videos or travelling or rushing around doing something, just to stop and just not do anything in particular, and to feel good knowing there was nothing pressing that I actually had to do.

I guess this is the kind of thing you only really appreciate as an adult because as you get older you have more responsibility and more things to do. As a kid, doing nothing is something you end up doing a lot when not at school or unemployed. I definitely felt that and knew quickly that I needed to pick up some hobbies lol.

But every now and then, it feels good just to have a lazy day.  I guess that’s all I wanted to share. Nothing really new or particularly exciting, just something I appreciated.

Now it’s time to go back to the daily grind.

~ Courtney x