The Usual Thursdays | 2nd August 2018

A vlog from yesterday! Nothing too exciting just showing you what a usual Thursday is like for me.

As in I try and find something to do during the day and go to pole dancing in the evening.

It’s nice to have things that help you have some kind of routine when you aren’t in school or at work, and this summer pole dancing is it for me. I take classes every week and it means I at least have to leave the house on that one day. I try to leave my house more than that anyway, but you know this definitely helps that.

Aside from that, I also got to see my friend Megan again! I hadn’t seen her in a year because she’s been in Hong Kong for the past year so it was great to see her. I will definitely be making more plans to see her before she goes back to uni!

But until then, the next big thing on my agenda is Pride this Saturday, and you best believe there will be a vlog for that so stay tuned!

~ Courtney x

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