Playing Little Big Planet!

This summer I have decided to finally complete Little Big Planet & Little Big Planet 2.

These games were probably the only ones I ever played on the PlayStation 3. I never personally owned one but my little brother did. So I never really took to PlayStation gaming.

But I was talking to my brother last month about it and he said he would lend me his PlayStation so I could play the games.

So far, I have completed all the levels in Little Big Planet and have started on Little Big Planet 2.

Ideally, I do want to collect all the stickers and items in both games but realistically I know that probably won’t happen. But that won’t stop me from going back and trying.

I’ll let you know if I succeed in my mission or not. But the main thing is I complete all the levels!

If you want to add me on PlayStation I do have a PSN account: CullenGirl1901. I made it way back in 2010 and only use it so my achievements are synced lol. And if you wanted to help me complete some levels that would be cool too!

~ Courtney x

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