Courtney the Slave & Mimi the Slacker | Party Animals | Let’s Play The Sims | PlayStation 2 | Part 4

After a year I have finally edited and posted the fourth episode of my Sims PlayStation 2 Let’s Play!

I started this series last summer and filmed a few episodes and then got lazy and didn’t edit them.

I’ve had this footage for a year and I debated deleting it and just never going back to the series but at the same time, I wanted to finally finish a Let’s Play. That and actually complete the Sims on the PlayStation 2 because I haven’t done that before.

So here we are, back at it. Here’s hoping that this year I can put out more than a few Let’s Play parts a year.

~ Courtney x

Playing Little Big Planet!

This summer I have decided to finally complete Little Big Planet & Little Big Planet 2.

These games were probably the only ones I ever played on the PlayStation 3. I never personally owned one but my little brother did. So I never really took to PlayStation gaming.

But I was talking to my brother last month about it and he said he would lend me his PlayStation so I could play the games.

So far, I have completed all the levels in Little Big Planet and have started on Little Big Planet 2.

Ideally, I do want to collect all the stickers and items in both games but realistically I know that probably won’t happen. But that won’t stop me from going back and trying.

I’ll let you know if I succeed in my mission or not. But the main thing is I complete all the levels!

~ Courtney x