In Real Life my Journey to a Pixelated World Book Review

Hey guys,
Another YouTuber, another book review. This time we have Joey Graceffa’s book, In Real Life.

As always, I enjoy reading a good YouTuber book. I never usually have anything bad to say about them and I do think it’s because I really love the YouTubers that write the books. So maybe these aren’t the most unbiased reviews in the world…
Anyway, what I loved about Joey Graceffa’s book is that he was so open with us about things that he’s gone through in life. More open than other YouTubers in their books. He really went into detail about what his life was like before YouTube and I really enjoyed learning more about his life before he was on YouTube.
Again, it is one of those books where you learn more about the person behind the camera and I always enjoy this because it helps you understand them so much more. I had no idea that Joey used to be in special education or just how many problems he had with his mum growing up. Learning about the struggles that he’s been through in life really allowed me to see how strong he really is.
I mean it just goes to show that these people who seem to have the perfect life online don’t always have it so easy. I think it’s so important to remember that when you watch people online because it’s so easy to tear people down when you don’t know them. Like to me, the fact that people like Joey can daily vlog their life and be so open with us is so brave. Like I know I couldn’t do it, mainly because my life is not very entertaining haha.
My favourite thing about all YouTuber books is that they are written in a very casual style and so when you read the books it just sounds like the YouTuber is having a conversation with you. I really like this because it makes them easy to read, I would really hate to read a YouTuber book that didn’t sound like it was written by them. I like that they don’t put on a voice and are themselves and let their personalities shine through in their writing, it makes it more personal and Joey’s is no exception.
One thing I was really surprised about in Joey’s book was how open he was about his sexuality. I know for the longest time on his YouTube channel he never talked about it, and a few months ago he decided to come out to us before the launch of his book, in a YouTube music video that he had made. It was an amazing music video and I loved the message and the way he decided to come out. It was so creative and I was so happy he was able to do it the way that he wanted to.
In Joey’s book, he dedicates a special chapter to coming out. It’s literally just a page in the book where he says that he is gay.

I really wasn’t expecting that at all. I also wasn’t expecting him to go into more detail about when he was first dating and coming out to his friends. I really enjoyed learning more about that, mainly because it’s not like any YouTuber to dish all of the details about their relationships.
I was really glad that Joey felt comfortable sharing these things with us, I know that it must have been really hard to write about all of the things he went through with his mum from a young age and how he used to be bullied but I am so glad he did because I know he’ll be a huge help to people who are going through similar situations and a great inspiration.
Another thing that I enjoyed reading about was Joey’s experience on the Amazing Race. I kind of wished that he had talked more about the things he experienced while travelling that we didn’t see on the show. Before I read that chapter, I decided to actually watch season 22 of the Amazing Race, which is the season that Joey was on and I really enjoyed watching him and Meghan go through the challenges together. I was sad they didn’t make it to the final four but they put up a really good fight and I thought they did an amazing job.
I also really enjoyed that in Joey’s book he had advice at the end of each of his chapters, they were all relevant to things he had talked about in that chapter and I found some of the advice really helpful. I also enjoyed some of the photos that Joey added into the book because who doesn’t love cringey childhood photos of your favourite YouTubers?
Overall I thought that Joey’s book was a really good read. I think that it’s definitely something to pick up if you are a fan of Joey and want to know more about his life before YouTube and to learn about things he’s never talked about in videos before.
If I had to say anything about the book it’s that I do wish it talked a little bit more about life now and when he lived with Meghan and David or even when he used to live with Sawyer. But I’m sure that Joey is saving that for his next book.
And so, that brings us to the end of another YouTube book review! I still have some YouTuber books left to read, I have four more on my bookshelf to get through but I’m sure by then there will be about five more new books that I’ll have to check out, but until then I guess I better get back to reading.
~ Courtney x

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