My Top 10 Favourite Glee Songs!

Today I have decided to make a post talking about my favourite Glee songs. This seems kind of random and that’s because it is, but I feel like with the ending of Glee’s final season we should celebrate it and everything it was and so with that I am going to share with you some of my favourite Glee songs.
So all of the songs I am going to be talking about are cover songs because that’s what Glee did best. They did have a few original songs which I did enjoy which I might talk about in another blog post but this is about their cover songs. (Yes I am one of the few people that actually like their cover songs…)
It was so hard to choose my most favourite songs but these are the ones I keep coming back to and can’t stop listening to. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my top 10 favourite Glee songs:

  1. If I Die Young
    This song was sung by Naya Rivera in the Cory Monteith Tribute episode and I loved it. I mean I was an emotional wreck during that episode of Glee and loved all of the songs sung in the episode but this was my favourite. I don’t know why exactly it is that I keep listening to this song…I think it is probably because of Naya Rivera’s voice which I am obsessed with. It’s such an emotional song and with her voice and the context in which it was sang in, it was just…perfect. I haven’t heard the original version of this song and I kind of don’t want to because I think Naya’s version was so good.

  2. How to be a Heartbreaker
    This was sung by Dean Geyer a.k.a Brody in season four of Glee. I really love this song in general because it’s got such a good beat and is really catchy but I do prefer the cover of the song to the original. I’m not really sure why but I think it might be because a guy sings it. And I know it sounds sexist but I just prefer that it’s a male singing it rather than a female. Plus on the show Brody was a male escort so the song kind of fit his profession and they had a dance number and everything on Glee it was pretty great.

  3. Brave
    Sung by Naya Rivera and Lea Michele in season four. I really love this song, mainly because of the lyrics. I had this idea in my head that the song was quite old when I first heard it but it was actually quite recent. I love both the cover of the song as well as the original so I will listen to both from time to time, it just depends which one comes up on my iTunes shuffle.

  4. Stereo Hearts
    This song was sung by a few cast members in season three in the Valentine’s episode. I loved the song just because it was a nice song and it was in the theme of the episode. Plus when Glee do group numbers, it’s always a pretty good time. I think I have heard the original of this song but I do prefer the Glee version, for no other reason than it’s the Glee version.

  5. American Boy
    This song was sung in season five by Darren Criss and Chris Colfer and I am obsessed with it. I used to be obsessed with the original song when it came out but I loved that they did a cover of it on Glee. I especially love it because Darren and Chris sang it and it definitely brought back the nostalgia of hearing the song for the first time. Like to me it’s such a cringey song but I still love it and any ‘Klaine’ duet is a favourite of mine.

  6. Mean
    Sung by Mark Salling and Dot-Marie Jones in season three I loved the message of this song. I also loved that it was sung by Mark and Dot-Marie because they are two characters on the show that have never sung together before and it was really nice. I don’t remember exactly what happened in the episode where they sang it but I do remember it was a really sweet moment between the characters and I thought the song was perfect.

  7. Smooth Criminal
    Probably one of the best covers they ever did on Glee. It was sung by Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin in season three. For this performance they were accompanied by 2Cellos and I think that made it so much better. It was a very intense scene and I just loved Naya and Grant’s voices together it just works so perfectly. The scene is very enjoyable to watch and it is definitely one of my favourite performances of all time.

  8. Raise Your GlassSung by Darren Criss accompanied by the Warblers for the first time in season two. It was also covered again by Glee in the 100th episode in season five with Kristin Chenoweth. I really like this song because it’s such a fun song and it’s one of those songs that is really ‘feel good’. I love both the covers of the song as well as the original and so overall that makes it a really great song.

  9. Jessie’s Girl
    Covered by Cory Monteith way back in season one, it is a really great cover. I think this song was perfect for this episode because at the time in the show Rachel was dating a guy called Jesse and Finn wanted to get back together with Rachel and so was jealous of Jesse and so this song just happened to fit right in. This was definitely one of my favourite Cory Monteith performances from the show and one of the few solos he had on the show.

  10. Doo Wop (That Thing)
    Sung by Naya Rivera and Amber Riley in season five I felt like this song was made for these two to sing. I always love when Naya and Amber do duets because their voices are amazing together and this one was the best. I actually thought this was an original song, I had no idea it was a cover until I was looking it up, I haven’t heard the original but I don’t think I’ll like it as much as the cover.

And there you have it, my list of my favourite Glee songs! Surprisingly Don’t Stop Believin’ was not on my list because I felt like after the fourth time they covered it on the show it was done. But if I had to include it because it’s what the show is famous for, I’d say my favourite cover of Don’t Stop Believin’ is the very first one. They brought it back during the season finale and I got so emotional because they used the exact footage of season one so Cory Monteith was in it and I just can’t keep it together when they mention him on the show.
Anyway, those are my favourite Glee songs and I didn’t realise until writing this just how much I love Naya Rivera. Like her voice is just amazing and everything she sings on Glee is so good.
Obviously there are so many more songs on Glee that I love and would happily sit and write about all day but I think 10 is a good amount – 11 counting Don’t Stop Believin’ so I’ll leave it at that. Please feel free to leave a comment telling me what your favourite covers of Glee were or even what your least favourite Glee covers were. I try not to be negative about the show because I love it so much but sometimes there were some songs that just didn’t need a cover like, the Chipmunk Christmas song…but that’s a whole other blog post for another time…
If you guys are interested in learning more about my favourite things about Glee then stay tuned because I think I will be doing a couple of other blog posts related to Glee in the future, just because the show is over doesn’t mean it won’t live on in our memories. x

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