PLL Season 5 Finale – WE KNOW WHO A IS

Oh my God.
I have no words.
Well I do have words. Just not coherent ones. If you guys would like to see my initial reaction to the big A reveal then please watch the video below…

So it’s been a few days since I watched the episode and tonight I decided I would watch it again to talk about it.
I’m still pretty unsure of everything.
I mean I’m not actually one of those people that comes up with PLL theories. Which seems weird when you watch the show because I think everyone has their own theories from time to time about this show. I think it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t anymore because there’s so many things in the show to consider when coming up with a half decent theory.
But I think it’ll be a project for me over summer – rewatch PLL and try to connect the dots.
They say there are major hints in seasons 3-5 to the identity of A and I have yet to really pick up on any but I am seriously set on going through every episode again and trying to come up with a solution.
I’ll probably blog about it.
Anyway…onto the actual episode.
On a whole I would say this is probably one of the best PLL episodes to date. I mean it was amazing and it was intense and it was just so…everything. I mean I don’t really know how else to describe it I just loved it so much.
The big reveal was of course disappointing. I mean Charles DiLaurentis was worked out from the previous episodes when we discovered that Mona’s random sentences were anagrams of Charles DiLaurentis. And when I say “we” I mean hardcore fans because I definitely didn’t get Charles from those sentences haha.
However I feel like he’s A.
I mean I like to believe he is because then we have a person who A could be. Plus he’s keeping the girls in this house for a reason.
Yes there is always the chance he is doing this for someone of a higher power a.k.a Black Widow who is supposed to be Uber A. Like I really don’t know how many of these people there can be.
But I did do a search and Big A – Charles – is different from Uber A.
Which means…Charles is like second in command.
I mean they said they’d reveal Big A. And they said at the end of the episode #CharlesIsA. Like I kind of take that to mean Charles is A.
People tend to think different but this is what I’m going with for now.
The real question is though who is Charles? We don’t see his face but from the build of him and his height it is only assumed he is a male. However I have seen several posts who think it’s actually a woman. I have no idea where that comes from.
I mean after I watched the episode the first time I went online to find out what everyone else’s reactions were and not a lot of people were happy about this reveal. And every so often on Tumblr you would scroll past a post that said “WHO THE FUCK IS CHARLES?!” which I found quite funny because everyone else was posting serious theories and then you’d get one confused person haha.
A lot of people seemed to think Charles is a brand new person but I don’t know why? I think because we haven’t heard the name before everyone assumes it’s a new person but apparently it is someone we’ve seen on the show before.
Which leads into this idea that Andrew is Charles. I don’t believe this. I mean I believe Andrew is part of it but I don’t think he’s Charles. I mean clearly Andrew is part of it he was listening to Melissa’s phone call to her parents. Which leads you to wonder why Melissa was calling…
I have also read theories that Charles wanted to be a girl but the DiLaurentis family wouldn’t let him and so sent him to Radley and that would explain his obsession with dolls…
Some people don’t think Charles is Jason’s twin and that he’s someone else entirely…
I kind of go along with the Jason twin thing. I mean that video shown in the nursery room place where Spencer gets approached with Charles suggests that Jason has a twin as these two boys are seen with Mrs D and a baby which we assume is Alison and her two brothers.
However watching it back I realised only one of the boys kisses the baby and the other one sort of stands by so maybe it’s not what we think?
I mean all Mrs D says is “come over here and kiss your sister..”
OMG I just had this idea…
What if the baby Mrs D is holding is not Alison? What if it is BETHANY. What if one of the boys is Charles but it is Bethany’s brother?! Who is to say that Mrs D and her family were there alone? What if they were with the Young family?!
Mind blown.
Not even kidding I kind of think that.
But then the pictures Mona is looking at in the room focus on the two boys…there is a connection. But I don’t know what and it’s driving me insane.
Like if they aren’t twins what are they? Because they look extremely similar.
Also during the episode I had this idea that maybe Charles is someone’s twin but it’s not Jason and it’s someone else like a girl. I kind of got this because there were two puppets in the room one a boy and one a girl so it’s a bit far fetched but what if someone random like CeCe had a twin. I mean they said there was going to be a twin thing but not like the books and it’s not 100% clear that it’s Jason…
My head is hurting trying to think this through haha.
There are so many theories.
But the main focus is definitely on Charles.
However when I was searching for information on Charles people also suggested that the name is actually Rachel S and not Charles at all. But I definitely think it’s Charles because the figure in the episode is male.
Out of all the characters on the show we have seen so far I have no idea who could be Charles. I mean I guess we have to start looking for characters of a similar height compared to Spencer…
Plus I was even trying to tell who it was by their hair? Like their hair was bothering me but then I was reading that it could have been a wig so that kind of rules that out.
I mean it’s safe to say this whole thing is just a really big mystery. And if the show doesn’t have a wonderful explanation of it I know everyone’s going to be mad. Including me.
I mean I can’t have this show turn into How I Met Your Mother…when we found out who the mother was but then found out she dies…and Robin goes AWOL and so does Barney and they don’t even stay together…
Like that can’t happen to this show.
I can’t have a random person be A they have to be tied to the girls in some way…
There’s just so much going on right now…
I don’t even think this blog post makes sense.
So I think I’ll leave it here haha. I mean I think I’m just typing whatever comes into my head and that doesn’t always make sense and can seem disjointed. So yeah…
What do you guys think? Who is Charles? Is he the twin of Jason? Do you think someone else is A? What are your theories?
I am very interested to know.
Also if you want to find out who I thought was going to be revealed as A before the episode ended you can watch the video below…it’s quite long but there was a lot of people to consider…

Apart from that I hope you liked this blog post, even if it was a bit unstructured and I will hopefully be back soon with more PLL theories…as we still have two more seasons to go and it can only start to make more sense from here…right?
~ Courtney x

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