Love Tanya Book Review

Hey guys, so I’m here with another YouTuber book review. These books seem to be all I’m reading lately but I promise I will have some reviews of non-YouTuber books soon.

So Love Tanya is written by British YouTuber Tanya Burr and as always I am happy to hear when a YouTuber is releasing a book. I feel like it’s a way to connect with them that more personal. Especially if they have written about themselves.
One thing I love the most about these books is that they are all different. While Grace’s and Tanya’s books both give advice they do it in very different ways and I love to see the YouTuber’s personality come out through their writing.
When I was reading Tanya’s book I felt like I was reading a fairy tale. There is something simple about her writing style and the tone she writes in that makes her life sound like a fairy tale. Especially in the chapter where she writes about her relationship with Jim.
That was probably my favourite chapter in the book because you can tell just how much Tanya loves Jim and how important he is in her life. I’m a total sucker for a sappy love story and Tanya and Jim’s is definitely one of my favourites.
Jim and Tanya’s relationship has always been one I have loved. Not only do they look amazing together but they way they work together and support each other is so adorable and I will definitely ship them forever. I wish them the best of luck with their future and their upcoming nuptials.
Anyway…sorry I let my inner fangirl/shipper get in the way there…
I really enjoyed learning more about Tanya’s life before YouTube. I started watching her videos in August last year I felt like I didn’t know her as well as other YouTubers, so this book was the perfect way to get to know her. Plus, who doesn’t love photos of people when they were babies?
This book also contains a lot of Tanya’s style and beauty tips which I appreciated a lot. Sometimes you don’t want to sit through a 20 minute video to find the right makeup brush to use and this book explains it quite well.
I also learnt a lot about skin care through Tanya’s book as she took us through her beauty routine. Sometimes in videos people may not give proper descriptions on how a product works with their skin but in the book Tanya was able to give a better insight into her favourite beauty products.
One section of the book I didn’t actually read was the baking section however I don’t think that is a section of the book you can read in one go. However I did flick through these pages and the photos make everything look amazing so I can’t wait to get around to using these recipes in the future.
Another part of the book that went unused were the sections that Tanya left for us to write in. I know that they are there for us to write in but I feel like it’s wrong to ruin such a beautiful book with my writing. Like I just can’t bring myself to write in it so I have left these pages blank…I don’t know if anyone else is like that or just me but I am sure you understand what I mean…
Another thing I really liked about this book were Tanya’s “top ten..”s at the end of each chapter. Again it was another thing that allowed you to learn a little bit more about her and the things that she has a personal connection with. I know that when you watch YouTube videos you often miss things like that, especially if you don’t watch every single video a person posts so it was nice to learn about the little things like what her favourite places are.
These were also great for learning tips and tricks that Tanya had for different aspects of your life. Some of her advice is quite simple but it is often the type of things people forget so I think it’s nice to be reminded of them every once in a while.
Overall I think this book captures Tanya Burr perfectly as she discusses personal issues such as her anxiety, lighter topics such as beauty and baking and everything in between. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn more about beauty, fashion, baking, dating and of course Tanya Burr herself.

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