My Predictions for the Love is Blind Season 2 Weddings

I just finished episode 9 of Love is Blind and was sad to find out that I have to wait a few days to see how all the weddings turn out! But while we wait, I’ve decided to share my predictions on how each wedding will go, so let’s get into it!

Danielle and Nick

So we already know Danielle says yes but I think Nick is going to say no. Did y’all see him at the wedding? He was so SWEATY so he was hella nervous.

I think he’s not ready to commit to marriage but I can see him wanting to keep dating for a while, I don’t know if Danielle will agree to that though because I feel like after being humiliated at the altar when Nick says no is enough to drive her off completely.

These two never seemed like the most stable from the beginning so…I don’t know if their marriage would work even if Nick says yes.

Shayne and Natalie

I think they will both say yes. I thought Shaina might have derailed them but that hasn’t happened so I think they will be fine.

Though they are very different people though so not sure if it will be a long-lasting thing. I think maybe Shayne’s immaturity will grind on Natalie a lot. So we’ll see.

Iyanna and Jarrette

Jarrette is going to say yes. No doubt that’s all I have to say about him haha.

Iyanna is more tricky because I think she could say yes or no. If she says no it’s because of the feeling like a second choice thing but also her difference in lifestyle to Jarrette. But if she says yes I think she will still harbour those feelings of being second best and so they could end up breaking up after a while.

Deepti and Shake

Deepti or Shake could say no.

Shake would say no because of the physical attraction thing. Or if he says yes, I don’t think he would be okay in a marriage that didn’t have much of a physical aspect. In the beginning, it would be fine because Deepti is very supportive and caring but if they weren’t being intimate it would cause problems in the long term.

I also think Deepti could say no because she deserves someone who desires her in all aspects of the relationship so the lack of physical intimacy could be an issue for her too. Again, if they both say yes this could be an issue in the long term.

I don’t know if the physical attraction could come later for Shake but would they both be willing to stick it out to see it happening? I think if they don’t get married they might still date possibly.

Mallory and Sal

I think Sal is 100% going to say yes, and he will probably sing to Mal with his ukulele at the wedding lol. He will not say his vows, he’ll sing them.

I think Mallory will say yes but after speaking with my friend Lauren, I can see how she would say no. I know she didn’t have a strong physical attraction to Sal in the beginning, and I wonder if that is still a problem because she hasn’t been super vocal about it.

Don’t really know if they have had any other issues, at least none I can think of, but I think if they say yes they could be happy together.

So those are all my predictions for the couples! As you can tell I’m invested in this so I can’t wait to see how things turn out.

I can’t be sad or surprised if none of them works out though, it is still reality TV to an extent. That being said I will be happy if they do work out because I’m sappy and romantic.

But overall I expect at least one happy couple, one big blowout when someone says no and one mutually agreed separation. So we’ll see if Love is Blind provides all the goods in the season finale this Friday!

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