Playing Pokemon Go Again

I’ve started playing Pokemon Go again.

It started a few months ago, I started playing it while walking to and from work. It was the best time to play because it meant I could hatch eggs and there were also gyms/pokestops on my route.

So I’m now back on it, checking daily even when I’m not leaving the house (we actually get quite a few Pokemon spawn around the house) and always trying to have the app up in the background when I’m walking anywhere to hatch my eggs.

Today though I have taken it to another level and installed Pokemon Go on my old phone. I thought this would be good because it’s easier to have the app open there when walking so, if I have to check a message I don’t have to close the app to open another one, and it will mean my phone battery isn’t drained because of the game.

I don’t know how often I will carry around both phones because I will keep Pokemon Go on my current phone, I just think if I will be out during the day it might be easier to have it on a separate device.

I have also joined a local group chat for Pokemon Go in the hopes that it will encourage me to participate in more raids. So far I only do raids I can do on my own because I don’t have a group of people to go raiding with. I’m surprised that so many people still play Pokemon Go, but at the same time I know people do because the gyms are always changing etc.

So I’m excited to once again be embarking on my Pokemon Go journey, however long it lasts this time.

If you want to add me as a friend my friend code is below, I will send you gifts when I have them and will do my best to open ones you send me if I have room in my bag.

~ Courtney x

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