Welcome to my New Home!


I’m Courtney and I can’t hold a stable blog to save my life.

Yes, this is another blog…

But this time it’s special. Why?

Because it’s actually my own website! And by that I mean, I bought the domain, I paid the hosting fee, I’m all in.

This is my space, and I am going to use it! And keep it!

No more moving blogs. This is my blog home.

I have been through so many different blogs and I felt like it was finally time to settle down and keep one (though I thought that about my last blog). But this time because I have put money into it I think I’m going to keep this one.

For the longest time I have wanted my own website and now finally I am doing it. So here we are.

It’s not going to be anything fancy, realistically it’s still just going to be a blog. But I do want to post more content here. I want this to be the main place where I post content. From YouTube videos to book reviews to any other random thing I feel the need to share with the world. I think it would be nice to keep it one place.

Which is why I have decided to import the posts from my previous blog to here. I didn’t want to start with an empty website when I had already posted a lot of things on a previous blog. I also thought it was cool that I could import everything with a few mouse clicks.

But starting from today the posts will be fresh and I’m excited.

So I hope to see you back here for some new content very soon!

~ Courtney x

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