Rain – Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

Hey guys,
So the other day I was sitting at my desk when I heard the sound of heavy rain outside and I kind of had the urge to go outside in it. I don’t know why really, but it was just something that I wanted to do. However I didn’t actually do it, mainly because it was night time and it seemed a little bit weird and plus I wasn’t really dressed to go outside in the pouring rain.
Instead I decided to open my window and just sit and enjoy the sound of the rain, and it was really nice. I mean I’m sure you all know the feeling of hearing heavy rain while you are inside in a nice warm house. It’s very calming and relaxing and so I sat there for a while just taking it in.
While I was sitting there I also thought it would be a great time to vlog. I just talked for about five minutes and decided to update my subscribers on my life and what I was doing. Just because it was one of those moments that I wanted to share with people. And if you guys are interested in seeing that vlog I will put it at the bottom of this blog post.
When I had finished filming my vlog I also decided to read a little bit, because I thought this was one of those perfect scenarios where you can sit inside by the window and enjoy reading a good book. So that is exactly what I did.
It was one of those times that I had wished that I had a built-in window seat at my window because I could have sat there all night listening to the rain and reading but unfortunately I did not and the rain stopped and my chair became uncomfortable to sit in haha.
But for a while it was really great. It was really nice just to take a break from sitting at my computer and do something else. It’s not everyday that something like this happens, normally I don’t really pay attention to the weather or go out of my way just to enjoy it but I do think that it will be something that I do a lot more.
I just thought that it was a really lovely thing to see because it hasn’t rained that heavily here in a long time and while I wish I had gone outside to enjoy it a little bit more I was really happy with my decision to just stop for a minute and enjoy it from inside.
And so, what I think I can take from this is that we should enjoy the simple things in life. I know that I am someone who takes things for granted a lot, and when little things like heavy rain showers happen I don’t really think much of them but I think we should enjoy them when we can. Yes, the rain can be annoying sometimes especially when you live in a place where it rains a lot but it’s not just rain that I think we can appreciate sometimes, it’s all weather and all things.
I think we should be grateful for the time we have to take a break and appreciate these things and we should be lucky to have warm houses that can shelter us from the weather because some people aren’t as lucky as us.
So if this blog post had any real point it’s that we should all take a break sometimes from our crazy lives and just sit back and enjoy the simple things like the weather because it’s a really soothing thing to do.
~ Courtney x

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