Warning! I’m currently making a list… | Pages 12, 20 and 54 | The Pointless Book 2

Hey guys!
So today I am here with my first ever Pointless Book 2 blog post! Very similar to my Pointless Book blog posts except with the Pointless Book 2. So basically nothing really new.
Either way I still want to do them because I think they are fun.
So as always if you guys wanna check out the video I did filling in these pages it will be below:

The first page that I decided to do was my warning label. I feel like this was a good place to start with the Pointless Book 2. To warn people what they were about to get into.

The next page that I did was the “Currently I’m” page and for this page I didn’t write what I was currently doing I wrote down the last thing I was doing for each of them because I thought that would be easier. I also liked the way I did this part in my video especially however I do like the way the page turned out with all the colours.

The final page that I did for the day was page 54 and that was the “10 things to do this summer page”. I felt like this was appropriate to do since it is the start of summer – well for me summer has already started but we still have a couple of months left so let’s make them count. I don’t think anything I put on the list was too unrealistic.
And that was it for this Pointless Book 2 blog post. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I actually find these videos/blog posts nice to make because it’s kind of fun filling pages of a book again. It reminds me of when I used to do activity books as a child which I think is really fun.
Anyway, I’m going to go, currently as you are reading this I am on holiday so my next blog post will most likely be one about my holiday. I hope to take some good pictures and also vlog some things. So yeah. I hope that you guys will come back for that, in the meantime if you want something else to do, I recommend you check out my other blog posts on my Pointless Book pages, they’re fun, promise.
~ Courtney x

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