24 Hours in Manchester for BLACKPINK | 21st May 2019

So me and my brother decided to go to Manchester last minute to go see Black Pink!

This is probably one of the most impulsive things I have ever done, I mean I’ve booked tickets to things before and had to think about travel and accommodation later but this time, we literally had to book everything and get tickets the day before lol.

It seemed to good to be true to be honest and I was worried that because we bought resale tickets that maybe we could have been scammed but luckily for us everything worked out in our favour and we got to see BLACK PINK!

The show was amazing and I am so glad we decided to go and you know if BTS in London wasn’t so expensive I feel like we would have been going to that too lol but I guess I will hold out for BTS for another time.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this vlog! I think it was the best way to kick off summer 🙂

~ Courtney x

New Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

After debating with myself for like two weeks I decided to upgrade early and treat myself to a new phone! I am moving from an iPhone 6 to the new Samsung S10.


I did enjoy my iPhone while I had it but I will always probably be an Android person at heart. I just wanted to know what it was like to have an iPhone and now I know so I was ready to jump ship back to Android.

I’ve been using the phone for a few days now and I’m still getting used to it, the always on display, the face recognition, the things I never had with iPhone. I’ve also had to get used to a new message tone and having to install and login to all my apps again.

But so far I’m really enjoying it, I love getting new technology because it’s so pretty and shiny. Now I just have to focus on not dropping it lol

~ Courtney x

Neopets Update: 1 Month In

I’m still visiting my neopet!

Ice Queen’s current state

I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea what I’m doing. Like most of my time is spent clicking on the map to visit places and trying to buy pretty things for my neopet but always missing out and so then I just leave the site.

I’ve been lucky a few times and have arrived at shops in time to buy some things for my pet. Mostly food to keep them fed but that’s about it.

I have also tried my hand at the battle dome a few times but…nothing has come of that. I have no idea what I’m meant to be doing there and I don’t know how to level up my pet so it’s been pretty useless and the stats are real weak.


Then the website does have games you can play to earn neopoints, but I’ve been earning quite a lot just by logging on everyday and doing the dailies. Now I know from reddit that it is a lot easier to earn neopoints now, which is nice to hear because I remember struggling by all the time with like none. But at least now I don’t have to play the same 5 games everyday hoping to buy my pet some food.

Aside from that, I’m not really sure what to do. I mean sure I could sit and click through the whole map every single day like I used to but that’s not really what I want. I want to be able to do something with my pet.

Oh, and my petpet? What is that? What do they do? I have never known…


But yes, I think it’s an accomplishment that I’m still going. I suppose it’s a bit to do with habit more than anything. Though when I think about it, maybe I would be better off going back to my Nintendogs. Because at least you could interact with them and take them on walks and stuff…

Not sure if I’m ready to abandon my neopet again though, so I guess we see how it goes…maybe I will find more to do…or try balancing more than the one pet…

~ Courtney x

My Sim in the Snow

A random picture of my Sim in the snow – I posted this on my Sims Instagram and I really like the way it turned out so wanted to share it here.

I haven’t really been able to play Sims much recently because of uni work but I have plenty of old gameplay screenshots to share with the world.

I have this habit of wanting to document everything so why not document my Sims lives online as well as my own?

The above Sim is called Sapphire – she is the 3rd generation of my Jewel Legacy. I have had this save game for about 2 years now. My plan is to have each generation complete an aspiration and a career – so Sapphire’s career is an art critic, though I might have her open an art gallery too. I forget what her aspiration is but I’m pretty sure it’s just the painting one.

If you want to follow more of Sapphire’s journeys you can check out my Sims Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter. I tend to live-tweet when I play and then Tumblr is updated later, and Instagram gets sprinkles of posts here and there.

And while I’m shamelessly plugging everything I might also note I have a Sims YouTube channel where I post Create a Sim videos and Speed Builds. I don’t do Let’s Plays though, mainly because I get bored of them and it’s a lot of commitment.

So there you go, now you know I spend way too much time playing Sims and I spend just as much time talking about it on social media lol

Rejoining Neopets

I’ve had Neopets accounts on and off since 2009 – and I always consider going back every few years, it’s just a simple online thing that can be a way to have fun, and it also brings back memories of my first experiences on the Internet.

So I’m back again. This time, I hope I stay longer than a few days though.

I don’t know what this will accomplish in my life to be honest, but I guess I just miss having a virtual pet. You know, I grew up with more Tamagotchis than I can count, and you bet I loved my Nintendogs the mostest.

I guess I just want to get part of my childhood back lol.

So if you want to add me on Neopets my username is coco_cutie1997 – an homage to my OG username which was coco_cutie2009 (I can’t get the account back because I deactivated it in 2010).

This is my neopet – her name is IceQueen_xo – I feel like they must be running out of usernames and stuff at this rate no? Either way, I hope me and IceQueen_xo will have some great adventures together.


And we will see if I enjoy the nostalgia and keep playing or if I will get bored and give it up once more lol.

~ Courtney x