My Favourite Sticker Shops!

This year, I have really thrown myself into my sticker planning. It started as a hobby a few years ago but over the last few months I have really gone OTT with my sticker buying. It’s like once I started, I couldn’t stop and so I thought I would share some of my favourite shops!


Papershire caught my attention immediately with their cute bunny character ‘Bunilla’. I think bunnies are adorable and hope to one day adopt my own rabbit so this was a no-brainer. This shop is super cute and I feel like I need a Bunilla for all occasions!

I have also recently bought a couple of journals from Papershire, and I can’t wait to try them out because they seem like amazing quality.

Plus, they are the only UK store on the list right now which is a bonus as I can order directly from them and don’t have to wait ages for things to arrive!

This shop also has a very active Facebook group which I don’t know is always a good thing lol I feel like people post so much just to win shop credit which is fine but also I don’t know how they do it. It seems very tiring. But everyone in the group is really nice and so it’s good to have a community where I can post about my planning addiction lol.

Once More With Love

Just like with Papershire’s Bunillas, I feel like I need a OMWL munchkin for every occasion. These stickers are of very simple design, but they are just so adorable I find myself buying them all the time.

These stickers are also quite small which I like as they tend to fit really well in any sized box I put in my planner.

This shop is Canadian, but I tend to have them delivered directly to my house when possible as it means I don’t have to wait as long as I would if it went through Stackry. So far everything has arrived safe and sound from them so I’m glad it’s all worked out.

Also Marg has recently been taking a lot of request munchkins so I am looking forward to all those new releases!

Wonton in a Million

This shop is super cute and fun and I have always wanted to buy stickers from them. So when I finally decided to use a shipping forward service from the US, Wonton in a Million is immediately where I went to.

The dimsum characters are super fun and the sticker quality is really good. I don’t know what they use but it’s kind of almost like a vinyl? It just makes the stickers feel high quality. But when you place them down, they don’t budge so you gotta be sure of your placement before you put them down.

I immediately gravitated towards the ‘Dimsum Crossing’ stickers though. Those are probably my favourites, because I love anything to do with Animal Crossing but they are so adorable and I have stocked up on a bunch of them. I just hope they never stop stocking them lol.

Not going to lie, I love ordering from them because the stickers arrive really quickly to my Stackry box because they are based in NY and the Stackry warehouse is in New Hampshire. Yes I still have to wait for all my other stickers to arrive before I ship my box over, but I just like that these guys always arrive first.


ScribblePrintsCo has become my go-to place for FOIL. I used one of their foil bundles on a weekly spread and I am OBSESSED. So now I have bought a lot of foil bundles from them to use in the future, probably more than I’ll ever need but that’s besides the point.

I also really love the weekly kits from ScribblePrintsCo. Mainly because they come with so many boxes. I have recently become a very ‘no whitespace’ planner so I need a box to write in for everything I do. And there is no shortage of those with an SPC kit.

Also recently, SPC did a HUGE destash event where they were giving away these grab bags/boxes of loads of foil, old stickers and everything and it was amazing. You got so many items and it was basically like an early Christmas present to myself lol. So SPC is definitely up there as one my favourite shops.

Plus I am obsessed with watching Andrea’s Plan With Me videos on YouTube. I just find her voice is calming and her planning style is the style I have adopted as my own. So I highly recommend her videos and her shop.

Glam Planner

Elle, the owner of Glam Planner is who got me into sticker planning in the first place! 100% one of the first places I started to look into shopping at when I started using Stackry.

I have become obsessed with her glitch sales because I am able to pick up so much foil for cheap and it really helped me build up my collection.

I also think that Elle’s weekly kits are always so pretty so I have stocked up on a few to use later in the year. I have yet to use any of them but I am excited to get using them!

Elle also likes to do foil that overlays her full box scenes to highlight parts of the images which I think is cool. I have become a big fan of full box overlays so ones that are specific to a full box is interesting compared to a regular frame overlay.

Another fave of mine from Elle’s shop is the script samplers. I’ve gotten a lot of those during the glitch sales and I like that you get a variety of fonts so you can use more than one type of script in a spread and it doesn’t look as repetitive because it’s in a different font each time.

I also really love Elle’s YouTube videos! I’ve been watching her since probably 2011 when she made beauty and lifestyle videos. She hasn’t been doing a lot of planner videos recently, but I do still enjoy her current lifestyle videos too. Again, I find her voice really calming and I could listen to her do videos for forever. So definitely check her out!

Simply Gilded

Simply Gilded is washi tape heaven.

Honestly at first I just bought some to try it out. I don’t really have a need for it in my planning style, but I have started to use it to decorate my daily journal entries to make them more interesting.

Now I’m obsessed and can’t stop buying pretty washi. I am definitely buying it faster than I am using it so I need to slow it down before I become a serious hoarder. But it’s just so easy to buy lol.

I would love to find other ways to use the washi tape aside from my journal, so I might try to incorporate it into my scrapbooking or something too, just so I can really get the use out of it (and justify buying so much of it lol).

And so these are some of my favourite shops at the minute! I definitely have a couple of other UK shops I shop at from time to time but since I haven’t really purchased from them in a while I decided to leave them out. Though who knows maybe I’ll make another post in the future to let you know about them.

But for right now, I’ve put myself on a bit of a no-spend because I’ve been buying way too much lol. At least I can encourage other people to shop though. So if you are in the market for some journalling/planning stickers then check out the shops I mentioned, or even suggest some I can check out for when it’s time to break my no-spend – I’m counting the days haha.

April Favourites 2016

I think I might be a little bit late with this but I thought I would share my favourites from last month with you guys anyway. Normally I make a YouTube video talking about my monthly favourites but this month when I sat down to make the video I didn’t like how it turned out and so I thought a blog post might be more fitting. Plus it doesn’t hurt to mix things up every once in a while. So without further ado, here were some of my favourite things from last month.


I always end up with TV shows in my favourites, this month being no exception. Suits is the newest TV show to enter my life and I am obsessed. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. The TV show was suggested to me by a friend, and I’m one of those people that doesn’t usually take TV show suggestions from people. It sounds weird but I just don’t do it, I’d rather find TV shows on my own. But I’m really glad I decided to take my friend’s suggestion on this one.
I am currently two episodes away from the end of season 5 and I am dying to know what happens next. My friend says that I’ll be crying by the end of the season and so I’m partially dreading finding out what happens but I think I’m willing to risk the heartbreak rather than not knowing at all.

The Amazing Race

Another TV show that I have been loving in April has been the Amazing Race. This season in particular is a favourite of mine because it had two of my favourite YouTubers in it: Tyler Oakley and Blair Fowler. They were not in the same team, however I still enjoyed watching both of them on the show. I was really sad to see Blair and her dad eliminated early on in the race, however I have confidence that Tyler and Korey are going to win the 1 million dollars.
We are only one episode away from the final of the Amazing Race now, it’s kind of crazy to think how much time has passed but I have loved every second of this season. Especially Tyler and Korey, they are just really fun to watch. And even if you didn’t know who Tyler was before starting the season, I’m sure you’d end up loving him by the end as well.
As for the other two teams in the final I like them a lot too. Although I’m still #TeamTylerAndKorey all the way.
If you are interested in knowing more about my thoughts on the teams in this season of the Amazing Race, I actually made a blog post talking about them a couple of months ago. So feel free to check that out.


Yet another TV show that I hold near and dear to my heart. I discovered Nashville about a year and a half ago and have been in love ever since. Surprisingly, it was another recommendation from a friend.
I have just really been loving this whole season of Nashville because it has been super dramatic. There is never a dull moment and since the show came back after Christmas I have been dying every episode.
I’m also really loving the show because Juliette has returned and I could not be happier. Juliette is my favourite character on the show and so when she was absent for a few weeks I really missed her. So I’m glad she’s back again. I also have found the storyline between Maddie and Rayna really heartbreaking. And don’t even get me started on the whole Will thing…If you guys follow me on Twitter then you know all about my feelings towards this show.

Neko Atsume

Finally, a favourite that’s not a TV show! So I have seen photos of Neko Astume on the Internet before. The first time I saw it was on Twitter and I wanted to know what it was about. I resisted getting the app for ages because it didn’t seem worth the time but now that I’ve downloaded it I am obsessed.
If you don’t know what the game is, it’s a Japanese game, Neko Atsume translates to Kitty Collector. And that’s essentially all that you do. You buy toys/food and set them in a garden to lure cats in and then you check back in the game every so often to see if there are any cats there. You can’t do anything with the cats other than click on them to find out information about them and take photos of them but that’s all you need the app to do.
I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I find myself checking this game at least 50 times a day. And if you follow me on Twitter then I’m pretty sure you have seen my many photos of the game throughout the last month.

Animal Crossing

So technically I would list Animal Crossing as an all-time favourite of mine. I have loved Animal Crossing since I played my first AC game for the DS when I was about 7/8. But in April I found myself playing more Animal Crossing than usual.
This is because I finally went out of my way to purchase a GameCube controller and Animal Crossing for the GameCube. (I didn’t need to buy a GameCube because you can play GameCube games on the Wii.) I have played the GameCube version of Animal Crossing on an emulator before but it definitely doesn’t compare to having the actual game.
Plus, it was the only Animal Crossing came (apart from Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival) that I didn’t have a physical copy of and so I needed it in my life.
On top of playing Animal Crossing for the GameCube, I have also just been playing a lot of my other Animal Crossing games in general. I don’t know what it is about the games I love so much I just love every part of it. And so I’m super excited for Nintendo to release it’s next Animal Crossing game.
Also, if you’re wondering why I haven’t gotten Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, it’s because it’s for the Wii U and I don’t have a Wii U. And also because it’s a spin off game and therefore I don’t feel like I can justify buying a new console for a spin off game. I also don’t have money for the Amiibo Figures although I think they are really cute.

And so, those are all my favourites for the month of April. I was about to type my usual YouTube outro here but I realise that doesn’t make sense in a blog post haha. But I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my favourites, let me know in the comments what your favourites were for last month and I should be back with a monthly favourites video (hopefully) next month!
~ Courtney x