Happy Quarantined Birthday to Me!


My birthday was on Wednesday and I had one unexpected birthday present: COVID. Yay.

So I spent my birthday self-isolating and watching Gossip Girl. So far 25 is looking so glam lol.

Honestly kind of annoyed at myself for getting COVID, I thought I was doing my best to avoid it but I guess it was only a matter of time. I still take pride in the fact I managed to avoid it this long and am also grateful that I was able to go on holiday and do all the fun things I have so far this year without being ill.

The only thing I am going to miss is a drag show that is coming up next week which is fine, after that there are no events for a bit so I can take my time and rest. I’ve been doing a lot this year so far and I think my body was just like “time to rest” so here we are.

My symptoms haven’t been too bad which is also good, part of the fear of getting COVID was not knowing how it was going to affect me. Thankfully nothing too crazy, a scratchy throat, blocked nose…the first day I did have chills but they have gone away.

I am sure I will be fine in a few days, I just need to be patient. That being said I find myself being restless being sick this time around. I was sick for a week last year and I think I was grateful for all the time to be sitting around and doing nothing but this time is different haha.

But I know my body is not up to doing anything too taxing, even now trying to write this blog post it’s challenging. So I’m going to take it easy and while I’ll be sad that I won’t be immediately heading back into my everyday activities I want to take my time with healing so I don’t end up ill again anytime soon.

Plus, the idea of going back to normal and rushing back into crowds of people doesn’t sound appealing to me. And I will definitely be keeping the mask on when I go places. Funnily enough, the first time I really went anywhere without a mask was last weekend, and now I have COVID so…if that’s not an incentive to wear a mask I don’t know what is.

But yeah, that’s where we are for now. On the bright side, I can get fresh air from my back garden and enjoy some time binge-watching TV and playing games. Hopefully, by next week the tests start coming in negative but we’ll see.