QuirkyWeddings Fair with Jasmine & Lauren! | 20th March 2022

Yesterday I went with my friends Jasmine and Lauren to a wedding fair!

Jasmine is getting married next year and so we went to check out some ideas for her wedding, and not gonna lie I did get some ideas for my own. Not that I’ll be married anytime soon haha.

It was a really fun day! I love looking at wedding things because it’s always so beautiful.

Plus I am super excited to see what Jasmine’s wedding will be like, and I feel honoured that she has chosen me to be a part of it as a bridesmaid.

I probably won’t make much more wedding content but this was a fun day and I wanted to document. Obviously it’s not my wedding so I won’t be going overboard with vlogging and stuff but some things here and there are nice to look back on.

As for my own wedding, I’ll probably document a lot but maybe not post as much? Or I’ll post all the time lol who knows? In the meantime I’ll just enjoy being a part of other peoples weddings. Being a guest is a lot more fun and less stressful.

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