15 Things I did in April

Well…This month I really struggled to get 30 things. Mainly because I really didn’t do much over April. It was a lot of me sitting in my room coding or watching something or sleeping or playing Another Brick in the Mall. I mean I try to update these posts as the month goes along so I can keep track of things I did but definitely not a lot of things going on. But yeah, I’m proud I was able to get at least half a list of things I did in April, so without rambling anymore, here is a list of things I did in April:

  1. Watched 13 Reasons Why. I normally don’t jump on things as soon as they are released and while everyone is talking about them but I wanted to watch this because I read the book it was based on. It broke my heart. It was really good and had a great message but I only recommend if you are in a strong state of mind because it is a really heavy show.
  2. Bought the Sims 4 Bowling Stuff pack and didn’t use it. I bought it to check out over Easter but got sucked into playing Another Brick in the Mall instead…
  3. Bought and started to play Another Brick in the Mall. I decided to buy it after watching Conflict Nerd’s Let’s Play on it and I’m obsessed. I could let it run and watch the little people running around all day.
  4. Was off for Easter for 3 weeks and it was wonderful to catch up on all the sleep.
  5. Went on a road trip with my friends to the coast for the day. Was successful as we did not get lost but at the same time it wasn’t a very nice day but at least the rain stayed away.
  6. Prepared to say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars as the second half of the final season premiered. I have dedicated a lot of time to this show and I will be sad to see it end. At the same time, I am dying to find out who A.D is.
  7. Bought a new colouring book and fell in love. I found it very relaxing. Until I coloured a tiny bit outside the lines…
  8. Went to the amusements with my family and won a lot of tickets. Too bad I couldn’t find any prizes that I wanted. But I have the tickets for another day.
  9. Regretted not getting tickets for Vidcon Europe. It looked like a blast…maybe next year!
  10. Spent a lot of time staring at code trying to get my uni assignment finished. You think it would be easy to make your own mobile application but it’s really not haha. I don’t know how people do it for a living.
  11. Watched Girl Boss on Netflix. Not my favourite thing. Took a while to get into because the main character was not my favourite. Felt like the story was missing a lot.
  12. Was a little bit disappointed by the Snatch Game on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.┬áIt felt shorter or maybe the characters weren’t as strong as previous years which is sad. But there’s always next season!
  13. Started watching Gossip Girl yet again. It’s become one of those shows I stick on TV when I don’t know what to watch. It’s something fun and good to tune into when you want some scandal in your life haha
  14. Attended a hackathon with my boyfriend. It was my second hackathon and we actually ended up joining up with a team sitting next to us with a similar idea. It all turned out for the best though because we came second!
  15. I won an Amazon Echo at the hackathon in the raffle. It was totally unexpected. I usually never win things like that.
And there you go. That was my April. Even though I didn’t have as many things as I usually do on the list I do think this month I was the most busy. I had a project deadline looming so I spent a lot of time coding but I also made time to see my friends while they were home from uni and on top of all that I attended a hackathon. Not too shabby if I do say so myself haha.
May brings us into exam season so I can’t imagine I will be up to anything exciting there other than you know, revising haha. But I guess we see what happens. I do have to take study breaks after all….
Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading, and as always, I will see you next month to share my adventures in May!
~ Courtney x