How To Get Away With Murder

The newest TV show in my life.
I know I have already made 2 videos in January talking about this show but is it really an official love if I don’t also make a blog post about it?
I didn’t really know what to expect when I first started to watch it, although from the first five minutes I was hooked. And I don’t remember the last time it took five minutes for me to be hooked on a show. Normally it takes an episode or two but this was from the get-go. I needed to know why/how these 5 students committed murder and I needed to know now.
Luckily for me, the first two seasons are on Netflix which meant I got to binge-watch and learn about everything that happened.
And just when you thought things were going to calm down after season one, season two gets even crazier. The way they lay out the show is amazing. They show you just enough of that “one night” to make you want to know what happened. And it’s just so good.
I have to admit, I did find the whole Rebecca/Sam murder thing way more interesting than the Hapstall murders. But I think it’s because Rebecca and Sam had more to do with the main characters. That being said though, that Hapstall case escalated quickly.
And don’t even get me started on finding out about what happened to Wes’s mother and finding out about Frank killing Annalise’s baby and also killing Lilia which started this whole thing.
Like what the hell Frank?!
Technically everything that happened is his fault. But at the same time I don’t want to see him be punished? Like I don’t know guys. It’s weird.
I actually really like Frank as a character, he started off as being so mysterious and the one to just “take care” of problems but we’ve also seen him break down and go off the grid. It’s so crazy.
Not to mention he recently just confessed to Wes’s murder which he didn’t actually do so now you can’t help but be like “wtf Frank?!”. I know he’s doing it to make things right with Annalise and everyone else but at the same time I don’t want him to go down for this because it’s not his fault.
Gosh this show.
Plus, the fact they decided that Wes was going to be the next to die – OF ALL PEOPLE. Like why him? Why not someone else? I had this spoiled for me when I was doing a Google search of the show and I was not pleased. I just kept waiting to see how it had happened and I’m just not okay.
I have also been so used to not having to wait to see what happens that waiting is killing me inside slightly. I need to know who killed Wes and how. In my latest video talking about the show I went through the main characters and I don’t think there’s any of them that could have done this.
Which makes me think about if it was someone outside of the main cast, but who?! I really don’t know.

Not to mention they had those flashbacks of Wes with all the characters in the last episode and none of us were prepared for that. Like that’s not okay to play with our emotions like that.
And also Annalise is in jail, which everyone on the internet can’t believe because she is literally the only person on the show to not have committed murder so it’s like – what? Haha. Although Annalise is strong so I believe she will make it through prison.
I also believe that it is Bonnie’s time to step up and be a lawyer. I know she’s not that confident but if Annalise believes in her then so do I. She can do this.
But I guess we don’t really know what happens until we see what they do about Frank admitting to the murder…
I’m just so excited for the new episode. I need all the answers.
I’m sure people online have lots of good theories so I might see what there is out there. I just need to know what happens. And I also hope that the rest of the cast stay alive because I am not about shows who think it’s cool to kill off the main cast members. That sounds weird to say but there are a lot of shows that do that.
Anyway, I think that’s all I have to say on the show right now. I’ll probably have loads more thoughts as we continue through this season so expect more tweets/YouTube videos/blog posts – whatever way I can use to get my thoughts out about this show. I just have to share.
I hope you enjoyed reading, if you have any theories or suggestions for who might have killed Wes/how let me know, it would be great to know what you think and hopefully I’m back with a new blog post soon. 😛
~ Courtney x

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