RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 Queens!

I just finished watching the first episode of All Stars 2 and I am dying. This season is such a step up from the first All Stars season and I love it.To me, All Stars 1 was really just there so we could see Chad Michaels win. I didn’t really like the team thing and wasn’t a huge fan of some of the queens that season. I just felt like it was kind of all over the place with challenges etc.
So when All Stars 2 was announced I was excited to see what would happen. Especially since this round, there isn’t a clear queen that stands out above the rest. Not to mention RuPaul has gotten rid of the teams and is now adding more plot twists than I can handle.
First of all, the top 2 girls will lip sync for their legacy rather than having the bottom 2 lip sync to stay in the competition. And not only that but if they win the lip sync they will win $10,000 and the chance to eliminate one of the other queens in the bottom 3.
Like…are you serious?
$10,000 for winning a lip sync? No one is messing around this season. And on top of that, eliminating one of your friends from the competition? That’s tough and very emotional. These girls are sisters and to pit them against each other is pure evil. And makes for great television.
Not to mention they decided to bring back the most dramatic queens from previous seasons. Didn’t we all get a little bit excited when we heard Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards were coming back for round 2? And who doesn’t love a Rol-aska-tox reunion?
So maybe this season of All Stars should have really been called the season 5 reunion. I feel like the other seasons aren’t as fairly represented because of all the season 5 queens but that’s okay. I hope this means in All Stars 3 some more past queens will have their time to shine. Especially if Tatianna from season 2 can make her way in with all the newer queens.
Anyway, time to talk about the contestants of this season of All Stars. I think I will list them in order of what season they were in. It seems like the most logical way to do this thing.

Season 2

Tatianna. Girl. Season 2. I was not expecting that. My whole thought process for them choosing contestants for All Stars 2 is that they would pick queens from season 4-8. Mainly because the last All Stars was just after season four, so if All Stars is every 4 seasons then shouldn’t the contestants be from the last 4 seasons? If that makes sense…
Either way, it doesn’t seem to be the case with Tatianna on the scene.
I honestly am not a big fan of her. She doesn’t seem to stand out among the other queens in my opinion. She doesn’t have as big of a personality as the queens around her so to me she’ll just fade into the background.
That being said, she did make an impression on me when she was one of the top 2 in the first episode. I liked her spoken word piece at the talent show. It was something new for me that I have never seen before, and never expected from Tatianna. So I applaud her for being out of the box with her style.
One thing I really want to know is who she would have eliminated if she had won the lip sync. She wasn’t having as hard a time as Roxy was when it came to deciding which queen to send home. So I am interested to know who she thought wasn’t worthy of the competition. Especially since everyone underestimated her, being the girl from season 2.

Season 4

Phi Phi. I think out of all the queens to come back Phi Phi has changed the most.
Her drag style has definitely changed a lot. My friend Nathan has been showing me her 365 days of drag on Instagram and it is amazing. 
She has also recognised how awful she was on her season of Drag Race and one of the reasons why she is now on the show is to help fix her image a little. To show people she isn’t just that bitchy girl. She is a whole lot more. And I’m excited to see the nice side of Phi Phi.
Her performance in the talent show was not the best. Although I think it’s because she chose to sang acapella and that was a risk. To be honest I was not sure how to feel about her choice to sing after the whole singing challenge in season 4. I mean I know she likes to sing but that doesn’t always mean it’s good.
But I’m glad she’s still in the competition and I can’t wait to see what kind of drag looks she will pull off later in the season.

Season 5

Alaska. Of course she walks in wearing a bin bag, what more could we expect from her? I loved it.
I was also surprised to see she wasn’t even a little bit excited to be reunited with her friends from season 5. It seems Ro-laska-tox is officially over.
I know Alaska wanted to break out of their little group to stand out on her own in her season and so it’s understandable why she is creating distance from Roxy and Detox. But I would have liked them to be Ro-laska-tox one more time. They were fun.
But I am excited to see Alaska shine on her own where she isn’t grouped in with her friends or living in the shadow of Sharon Needles.
It’s Alaska’s time to shine hunty.
I was actually surprised by Alaska’s talent show performance. I was initially worried when I heard she was going to sing because¬†her singing in season 5 was not great. But she actually turned it out and did really well. I also loved her outfit. So pink and pretty.
I am interested to see what else she can do when she’s working on her own.
Roxxxy. I love her.
I am glad to see that she is upfront and real about what went down in season 5. She was a bitch and she is sorry. She is now ready to move on and be a little bit nicer than before. But that’s not going to get in the way of her getting the crown.
She still looks as fabulous as ever and her burlesque performance was to die for. I also think it’s great her and Detox are still friendly. At least we’ll always have Re-tox haha.
When she found out she was in the top and had to eliminate one of her fellow queens she was very upset. It was not something she wanted to do and I liked her approach to the situation. She was fair and she talked to all the girls and decided to base the decision off of the judges’ critiques and not her friendships and personal feelings.
I can’t imagine how hard it was for her to do. And it really showed how much she has changed from her season. If this was season 5 she probably would have had no problem throwing someone under the bus to get rid of them. But I was proud of her progress. And I do think her elimination was right.
And also congratulations to her for winning the first lip sync and $10,000. You go Miss Thing.
Detox. Honestly, she was my least favourite of the Ro-laska-tox trio. I’m not really sure why but she was.
To me she wasn’t really standing out that much in this episode. Her talent show performance wasn’t my favourite. I know she was singing but because it was auto-tuned I didn’t know how to feel. Plus, the neon paint was just…a lot haha.
I don’t have much to say about Detox but I am interested to see what she can bring outside of Ro-laska-tox too. To me, Roxxxy was probably the one out of all of them that really wanted to win the competition. The others didn’t seem to want it quite as bad as her.
Alyssa. Back rolls? I feel like we heard that joke almost any time someone talked to Alyssa haha.
To be honest I was only ever interested in her because of her drama with Coco Montrese. I mean wasn’t that all why we watched season 5?
Alyssa is an okay queen. I feel like she can do well in the competition but maybe not enough to win.
Her performance at the talent show is interesting. I mean the puppet was kind of insane but the dancing was good. She knows she can dance and she works it.
I’m looking forward to see how far she goes in the competition and if we will actually learn what Alyssa’s secret is on this season of All Stars.
Coco. Orange you happy to see me? Dead. Coco had a great entrance to this season.
Again, she was only really interesting to me because of her drama with Alyssa. But when she walked into the work room and Alyssa said “that was so three seasons ago” I knew they had kissed and made up.
Her talent show performance was not that great. Her dancing wasn’t very interesting and the whole performance was confusing to me. I didn’t really know what to make of it.
So when Roxxxy decided to eliminate her I was okay with that. I don’t think she’ll be missed.
Although it might not be over for her.
When she was leaving RuPaul appeared on the TV in the work room and told Coco that she could come back. All she has to do is get revenge?
I am interested to see where that goes. I want to know what’s going to happen and if Roxxxy should watch her back…
Season 6

Adore. My babe. I love her. She was one of my favourite queens from season 6 and so I was so happy to see her back as an All Star.
Although I don’t think she expected the competition to be what it is. I felt so bad for her when she got the critiques she did from Michelle. I know she didn’t cinch her waist for the talent show but I know she finds it easier to sing without a corset and I think that’s understandable.
I also think Adore has stepped up her drag since drag race. It might not be as polished as the other queens but it’s her own style.
I admit she might not win but I still didn’t want her to be the first queen eliminated. I know she has more to offer and so I’m glad she gets to stay for another day.

Season 7

Ginger Minj. In my opinion she should have won season 7 as she is a very well-rounded queen. She has got the look, she can do comedy and she can also sing too. Who knew?
When Ginger sung for the talent show I was really surprised. I didn’t know she could sing. And I really liked it. I thought her performance was great.
I don’t really know what to expect of Ginger for this competition but I hope she goes far. Whether she will win the crown or not is unclear.
Like I said before, I don’t think there is a clear winner for this season of All Stars but I would definitely think Ginger would be one of the ones who could make her way to the top. Provided she doesn’t get eliminated by another queen first.
And last but not least, Katya. I definitely didn’t appreciate Katya as much as I should have on season 7 and so I am glad she is back.
I also like that she has decided that this season she is going to step up her game and not hold back. Katya is definitely one of those queens that has a lot more potential that we didn’t see before. So I can’t wait to see her shine.
I also enjoyed her talent show performance. She stood out a lot more than the other queens although I do wish we had seen a full performance. I feel like we missed a lot.
Do I think she has the potential to win? Yes. I don’t think we should dismiss the season 7 queens just because their season wasn’t that great.
So those were all my thoughts on the queens so far in this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. While I do love some more than others I wish them all luck. This season is not going to be an easy one and so I have no idea who the winner will be.
I also don’t know how I am going to make it through this season if they are going to keep adding twists like this. If the first episode got me worked up into an emotional mess I don’t even want to know how the other episodes will treat me. Although it might get easier for the queens to be eliminated as time goes on. Who knows?
All I know is I can’t wait for the next episode because it’s going to be an All Stars snatch game! I wonder what that’ll be like and who the queens will be impersonating. Hopefully they chose some new characters that we didn’t see in the last snatch game although Adore’s Anna Nicole Smith was a personal favourite of mine. But still, it’s going to be another exciting episode and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out who will be the next queen to be eliminated and who will be doing the elimination… It’s all so dramatic this season and I love it.
~ Courtney x