Hello Summer!

It is officially the start of the summer holidays for me and I could not be more excited!

It has been a crazy first year of uni and I am so ready to take a break from everything and just chill. This is the first time in a while that I have felt chill about anything. During the semester I was always moving, always doing things, always felt like I had to be doing things. I never really took time to stop and just breathe. So that’s my main focus right now. Just to take a deep breath and be chill.
I am also super excited because I have some plans this summer to keep me busy.
The first one being my YouTube, I am picking that up again. YouTube is always slow during the year because I don’t have time to edit and film videos. But now that I have more free time I can be doing that a lot more.
I have plans to launch a brand new YouTube channel this summer. It is actually launching at the end of this week – Simming and Such. It is going to be where I post all of my Sims content from now on. I have been thinking about this for more than a year now and I have finally decided to do it. I have just been feeling really inspired to make more sims videos lately and since that content is very different to what I post on my main channel, I thought it was time for a new channel.

On top of that, I am also going to be posting more videos to my main channel. I know I haven’t really been posting there a lot lately but I do hope to pick up again on vlogging and making other videos. I don’t think I’ll make quite as many videos as I did last summer but I definitely do want to make more. So also subscribe there if you haven’t already!
Another thing I am super excited about this summer is that I am going to KCON NY! If you don’t know what KCON is, it is a K-Pop convention. They hold two in America, one in New York and one in LA. My friend Jasmine, is a huge K-Pop fan and is in love with the line up for KCON NY and so we are going there at the end of June and I can’t wait.
I’m not the biggest fan of K-Pop (in comparison to Jasmine who is a mega fangirl) but out of all of our other friends I would be the one to listen to it the most so I am excited to go.
It’s going to be the first time I ever leave the country and also my very first concert and so I am definitely going to enjoy it no matter what. It’s just going to be a whole new experience and so I can’t wait to go. Explore New York, and also experience KCON. It’s just gonna be an amazing opportunity so why pass that up?
And of course I’ll vlog the whole thing so I can share with you guys haha. Can’t forget to do that.
Another thing that I plan to do over summer is keep up my writing. I got really into writing again over Easter and so I want to keep doing that as well. I have always loved to write things and so I really want to do that as well. I went almost a year without writing anything new, story wise and it sucked and so I don’t want to do that again.
Along with writing, I also want to blog more. Because I find sometimes blogging is better than making a YouTube video. Just depends what I feel like sharing. So I want to do that. Although I think I’ve been okay with keeping up my blog. But I definitely feel I could post a bit more often.
I think another thing I want to do over summer is get a job. As much as I love all my free time to keep up all my hobbies I also need to think about getting experience for when I actually go to apply for jobs after uni. So I will have to look into that as well.
The last and probably the most important thing I want to do this summer is have fun. No matter what I am doing I want to enjoy it. Because otherwise all the time is wasted in my opinion. Oh, have fun and also spend time with my friends who will be coming home from uni for the summer. It’s important to make time for your friends, especially when you don’t get to see them that often.
And so, it looks like this summer is going to be a busy one for me. But I like it that way. I’d rather have it where I always have something I could be doing rather than always thinking I have nothing to do. Because I have a lot of summer ahead of me and I know if I didn’t do anything over the whole summer I would regret it. So yes, here is to a busy summer.
~ Courtney x