Goodbye Elena – The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale

I cried. A lot.
So, I’ve never really been one to get overly emotional about fictional characters. The last time I properly cried about someone leaving a show was Finn from Glee and we all know that was based on real life events.
But this? I never expected to cry. It turns out Elena Gilbert meant more to me than I thought.
But before I get into the sad part of the episode let’s talk about all the other tragic things that happened in Mystic Falls this week shall we?
First of all Kai comes back. Which is never a good thing. I have hated him ever since I first saw him. He’s not a good guy and you know he’s kind of a sociopath. Kind of? I mean he’s a full-on sociopath.
Not only did he stab his sister in the stomach but he also caused the death of every person who was at the wedding. Nice.
I mean Jo was tragic enough because she was pregnant and Alaric was finally going to be happy so I am so not happy about the fact that Jo is gone, I mean Alaric almost killed himself over it. Which would have been awful, and for some reason Kai kept him alive. Well, no he probably kept Alaric alive because that would pain him more than being dead. Screw you Kai.
Alaric, ready to give up on his life…luckily there were no bullets in the gun
The only other people Kai kept alive were the vampires because he wasn’t that interested in them and he did something to Elena, she’s not dead but she’s not alive either…so Damon takes her to the hospital to find out what’s up. The only thing left for Kai to do after interrupting the wedding was to kill himself, that way all of the Gemini coven dies along with him. Lovely.
And if that wasn’t bad enough Kai doesn’t even really die, he was given Lily’s blood so he was coming back a vampire-witch hybrid. Which is a thing now. And Lily would do anything if it meant she got her friends back which is also not good because they are also hybrids…
Meanwhile, Stefan, Enzo, and Caroline go to find Lily who is surrounded by what look like storage containers looking for said friends. Yet they don’t seem to be anywhere. Did Kai lie to her? Did he leave her friends in the prison world? What will happen?
Frantic Lily, looking for her friends
I think it’s really terrible how Stefan and Damon’s mother doesn’t even really care about her sons. I just feel like she’s a little crazy and that maybe they should have tried to get her back into the prison world…
At least Lily was the least of their troubles so far…
So Damon is in the hospital and he’s in Elena’s head, he wants to spend time with her but all she wants is for him to tell her what’s going on and what’s wrong. But he doesn’t know what to say. The rest of the world is chaotic right now and it’s best Elena not know…
Damon also called Bonnie to tell her what was up with Elena and Bonnie was going to go to meet him until she found the tape recorder. Kai had left her a message, he didn’t just kill Bonnie when he had a chance. Which was weird because he should have after she sent him to the prison world, but she couldn’t figure out why he left her alive…until she watched the tape recorder back.
Kai’s tape recorder
Kai had linked her life with Elena’s. Elena would only wake up if Bonnie died. Great. Fab. Thanks, Kai…
Back at the wedding scene…Tyler and Liv are lying together and both of them are pretty close to dying. Tyler explains to Liv that Kai had killed himself and that the rest of the coven was going to follow after him which is not good. Liv, however, notices that it’s a full moon which means that Tyler could still get out of this alive, all he had to do was trigger his werewolf curse.
Which is not something Tyler wants to do he’s tried so hard not to trigger his curse since he came back human. But Liv tells him that she wants him to take this chance that she’s giving him, after all she saved him from triggering the curse before and she told him not to waste his chance. So Tyler decides to take his chance, he tells Liv he loves her one more time, kisses her and then kills her to trigger his werewolf curse.
That sounded much harsher than it actually was, but Liv knew she was going to die anyway and if she could do it to help Tyler live…well that’s just so sweet. It breaks my heart though because I really liked Liv. I’m so sad that she had to go.
Tyler and Liv’s last moments together </3
So Tyler runs off into the woods with his curse and manages to call Matt before it happens to tell him to warn all other vampires that Tyler could be after them.
Luckily for us the only person Tyler went after was Kai. So Kai was bit by a werewolf which means he was going to die. At least that was the hope. Kai has caused so much trouble in this season he just needs to be gone.
So Kai goes to Damon to find out what’s happening. He didn’t even know about werewolves until one came and bit him. Damon tells him there’s a cure he can take but before that, he needs to know what Kai did to Elena. So Kai tells him. This puts Damon in an awful position. Does he kill Bonnie to have the love of his life? Or does he let Bonnie live and be without Elena for the next fifty/sixty years?
Meanwhile, Kai decides to leave Damon to think about the situation and Damon finally decides to tell Elena what’s up.
Of course, Elena is not happy about the situation and she wonders what Damon is going to do. I mean could he really just kill Bonnie? Would be so heartless to do such a thing? We hope not. We beg not.
Kai ends up back at the site of the wedding massacre where Bonnie finds him, she demands him to undo the spell and find a loophole, anything to get Elena back to herself. Since Kai died earlier the spell became permanent and it’s not like he cares since he’s dying from the werewolf bite.
He’s weak and so Bonnie thinks she can kill him…until Kai figures out that he can just absorb the magic from the werewolf bite because he’s a siphoner of magic. God damn it, Kai, just die already.
Kai, out for revenge
Kai takes the magic and uses it to levitate Bonnie and have her crash into a wall and fall, she ends up with a collapsed lung and is dying, and this is when Damon arrives.
Kai tells Damon that now he can get what he wants, Bonnie would die and he could be with Elena again and it wouldn’t even be Damon’s fault that Bonnie died, it would be on Kai’s hands. Damon hesitates and goes to see Bonnie one last time before deciding to leave.
And we are all feeling the betrayal as Damon walks away. HOW CAN HE JUST LET BONNIE DIE LIKE THAT. I mean that’s the initial reaction but then I thought he had a plan. He wasn’t just going to leave Bonnie there, there was a reason he left…
Damon before he leaves Bonnie
This gives Kai time to provide a monologue about how he thought Damon would have hesitated more or at least “flipped a coin” to decide whether Bonnie lived or not. This gives Damon enough time to come from behind Kai and take his head clean off. Yes. Finally. He’s gone.
Damon rushes over and heals Bonnie. Of course he wasn’t going to leave Bonnie. He can’t. Not after everything they went through. Plus it would be so unfair of him to kill Bonnie at all. After everything Bonnie has done for everyone on the show she does not deserve to die.
I mean I feel like sometimes we forget how much Bonnie has sacrificed for everyone on this show but trust me, I have not.
So once everyone has had time to catch up on everything and they are all together again, they decide to lay Elena to rest, at least for a little while. So in turn, each of them go and say goodbye to Elena through vampire mind control, never fully understood how that worked but I was so grateful for it at this time.
Elena being laid to rest
Bonnie is the first to say goodbye to Elena and Elena is very accepting of the situation. It’s so much better to allow them both to live out their lives, separately rather than have Bonnie die just to have Elena back. Besides, a lot of them would see Elena again as they are immortal. Elena asks Bonnie and Caroline to both keep journals of their lives so when she comes back she can read them and act like she was there with them.
It’s so heart-breaking to see because you know Elena and Bonnie won’t ever see each other again…it’s so sad. And before Bonnie goes, Elena asks her to do the feather levitation one more time. It was so heart-warming to see because it brought back those season one feels when Bonnie first told Elena she was a witch. And I just loved it so much.
Bonnie and Elena saying goodbye
Then there was Matt, who Elena hopes will stay in the police force and become someone who can protect others. He’s probably one of the strongest characters on the show considering he’s been able to survive six seasons as a human. So Elena is sure he will be fine and that there will be a strong chance of them seeing each other again…which is so sweet.
Matt and Elena saying goodbye
Then there was Alaric, and Elena told him to be strong and to not give up. It was going to take him a long time to get through all of this grief but he deserves to have a good life too. I mean, he was also given his life back after being a vampire for so long that he deserves to live it. He just needs time to heal after everything that happened.
Elena comforting Alaric
After Alaric, Jeremy comes back, because how could he miss saying goodbye to his sister. He also promises her that he will live a life doing exactly what he loves. There’s was a short goodbye but it was all that was needed.
Elena and Jeremy embracing for the last time
And then Tyler, Elena tells Tyler that he should embrace his werewolf curse and that he should leave town to discover who he could really be. The last time Tyler was a werewolf he dreaded it but Elena thinks he could go far if he embraced it. This causes Tyler to storm out…will he come back? Probably not. I heard that Michael Trevino was also leaving the show which is also sad but I don’t think I’ll miss him as much. He was away for a long time in the last few seasons so it felt like he was already gone…
Elena and Tyler
Then it came around to Stefan’s turn. This was also quite sad. I mean Elena and Stefan had been through so much together and they were even in love at the beginning. However they know they’ll see each other again and Elena hopes that Stefan can be happy in whatever life he chooses for himself. So their goodbye was really sweet.
Elena and Stefan
Last but not least…Damon.
Damon tells Elena he was planning on desiccating while he waited for Elena. It would be a lot better to wait for her that way rather than living without her but she told him not to shut down. He needed to live his life while she was gone too. Elena wanted him to be happy while she was gone because she knew they’d see each other again. And they have one last dance…this is when I really started crying. I mean after everything they have been through and then they were dancing and it was just…too much for me.
Damon and Elena’s last kiss ❤
As this is happening Stefan decides to go to Caroline’s and tell her that he will wait for her. She said she wasn’t ready to be with him so Stefan told her that he’d wait until she was ready. And if that isn’t the most heart-warming thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what is. I mean I want Steroline to be a thing so bad at this point I was surprised Caroline didn’t just accept him right then there. But I guess we have to wait to see if that happens.
So Damon and Stefan decide that the best place to leave Elena to rest is in the Salvatore family crypt and Bonnie will seal with it a spell so that they can keep her safe until it’s her time to come back. Until then…we just have to see what happens.
Stefan telling Caroline he’ll wait for her
The last thing we see in the episode is Lily and Enzo discovering a storage unit that Kai had cloaked. Obviously it wasn’t cloaked anymore because Kai had died and the spell was broken, and inside were Lily’s “family”. Great. Not just one vampire-witch hybrid but about seven? I don’t know exactly how many of them but there are quite a few. I know Lily is happy but I can’t see this being good for anyone else. Plus Enzo has kind of agreed to be part of Lily’s family too which isn’t good either. I mean I understand why he did but I don’t want Enzo to go to the dark side…
And with that. It was over.
Honestly I was a wreck after it. Like I didn’t want Elena to go and the way she said goodbye to everyone was just so heart-breaking. I’m going to miss her so much, even if she did get annoying sometimes I just…can’t imagine the show without her. It doesn’t help Nina Dobrev has been posting all of these throwback photos lately…
But whatever Nina goes onto do after the show I wish her all the best. She has been an amazing part of this show for so long and I just can’t wait to see what she does next. It’s not even just Elena that I will miss, Nina has played a lot of characters on the show, and I will miss all of that too,
I just think it’ll be so weird without her but I am looking forward to following the rest of the characters and all they have to offer.
And I think that’s everything I have to say. I don’t really know what else to say about it, I mean despite all of the terrible things that happened in this episode I really think it was a nice send-off for Elena and I am so glad they didn’t just kill her off because that would have been terrible.
So yeah, please feel free to let me know what you thought of Elena leaving the Vampire Diaries and if you will miss her. And until the next blog post, I bid you farewell 🙂 [Still have no real sign off for my blog posts haha]

~ Courtney x

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