The Newberrys | Crick Cabana | Sims 4 World Makeover

I am attempting to makeover every single household and lot on the Sims 4. Yes it’s going to take forever and no this is not an original idea, but I’ve always wanted to do it, and so I’m starting with the Crick Cabana lot in Willow Creek.

I have also decided that if a lot does not have a household in it, like this particular one, I am going to create a family to live there. This means that every home will have a family and it will allow me to update the interior with some personality based on the Sims living there.

I’m super excited to start this challenge and hopefully you will join me on this makeover journey!

Courtney the Slave & Mimi the Slacker | Party Animals | Let’s Play The Sims | PlayStation 2 | Part 4

After a year I have finally edited and posted the fourth episode of my Sims PlayStation 2 Let’s Play!

I started this series last summer and filmed a few episodes and then got lazy and didn’t edit them.

I’ve had this footage for a year and I debated deleting it and just never going back to the series but at the same time, I wanted to finally finish a Let’s Play. That and actually complete the Sims on the PlayStation 2 because I haven’t done that before.

So here we are, back at it. Here’s hoping that this year I can put out more than a few Let’s Play parts a year.

~ Courtney x