New Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

After debating with myself for like two weeks I decided to upgrade early and treat myself to a new phone! I am moving from an iPhone 6 to the new Samsung S10.


I did enjoy my iPhone while I had it but I will always probably be an Android person at heart. I just wanted to know what it was like to have an iPhone and now I know so I was ready to jump ship back to Android.

I’ve been using the phone for a few days now and I’m still getting used to it, the always on display, the face recognition, the things I never had with iPhone. I’ve also had to get used to a new message tone and having to install and login to all my apps again.

But so far I’m really enjoying it, I love getting new technology because it’s so pretty and shiny. Now I just have to focus on not dropping it lol

~ Courtney x