United Queendom!

Victoria Secret
The Vivienne!
Blu Hydrangea
Cheryl Hole

My last drag queen show of 2019! It has been a while since I’ve been to a drag show but it did not disappoint. The thing that had me shocked the most was the Vivienne singing live, who knew she was so good?! Meanwhile Cheryl and Blu are amazing dancers and their energy is fab. Plus Victoria Secret is a queen who I’ve come to know and love as she hosts most of the queens over here so I love her.

Definitely a great way to end the year and I can’t wait for my next drag show where I finally get to meet the Frock Destroyers!

~ Courtney

DXP 2019!

Photos from DXP!

I don’t know what DXP stands for, but basically, it’s a drag show.

It was an amazing night and I feel so lucky to have been in the presence of these drag queens. They were all so fabulous, and I love them so much.

I hope that they all come back soon!

~ Courtney x

Meeting Miz Cracker! | 25th January 2019


My first drag show of 2019! Miz Cracker!

I was excited about this show because after seeing Miz Cracker on Drag Race I felt like she had so much more to offer the world. And girl, she did.

In her show It’s Time, she shares a story of going through many rough stages in her life and sharing that she doesn’t really know when it’s time to STOP. Stop with the alcohol, stop with the drugs and stop with the boys.

An inspirational story really.

It was a great show, and I think what really impressed me the most, was how amazing a lipsync she could do with such a small space. The venue does not have a big stage, but Miz Cracker was still able to kick, flip and give us those utmost important death drops.

I loved it so much and if you have the chance to see her I would highly recommend.

I also treated myself to VIP which means I got to have a meet and greet with Miz Cracker which you can see below. I always feel awkward in meet and greets because I never know what to say to the person, but sometimes it goes so fast that you don’t really get to say much.


In this case, it did seem to go quite quickly but I’m not too worried about that. The photo still looked great and she complimented the handbag I had with me so I will take that as a successful meet and greet 😛

My next show is coming up soon in February – I am finally going to see All Stars 2 winner Alaska! And I can’t wait! I didn’t get meet and greet unfortunately but I already know it’ll still be a great show ^_^

Looking forward to sharing more of my drag queen adventures with you soon,

~ Courtney x