Recently Watched TV Shows February – March 2022

I did a blog post like this last year where I finally sat down to watch a bunch of Netflix shows I had had on my list for a long time and I’ve decided to do it again! I finished a long rewatch of Pretty Little Liars a couple of months ago and so I was more than ready to dive into some one-season shows that were shorter and more noncommital.

So these are all the shows I’ve watched recently and my thoughts on them!

For the People

I love a good Shondaland show and I decided to watch this because it only had two seasons and my Disney+ subscription was expiring and I wanted to use it.

So this was not a successful Shondaland show, which is sad because it had the potential to be a strong show. Because we know Shonda can do a law show – How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal being good examples.

But in this show, they tried to give the lawyers personal lives and then they dropped them and never brought them up again. Like I was ready for the Kate Littlejohn girlfriend arc to be cute and fun. I needed them to give me more of Richard and Jill. What the hell happened with Allison and Seth after Allison hooked up with a different guy?

They just created these plotlines and dropped them like nothing and it was sad. Don’t get me wrong, the law cases are interesting and the main part but don’t bring up the lawyers’ personal lives if there’s going to be nothing to them. So yeah, sad it was a bit of a flop but it was enjoyable for the two seasons it had.

One of Us is Lying

This one was okay. I feel like if I didn’t read the book I would have been more into it. I read the books last year and I enjoyed them so I was excited about the TV show.

Nothing much to say about it to be honest haha I mean it follows the books pretty close so can’t complain but it was a bit boring because I already knew what happened.

Still, it looks like the next season is deviating from the second book so we will see what that’s like. I would recommend it if you haven’t read the book!

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

I got through this in two days, we love short TV shows. This one was a wild journey from start to finish but something fun to watch. Don’t really know if I would have tuned into another season but it was nice for what it was haha.

The Chair

This show made me realise how much I miss Sandra Oh. She’s just an amazing actress and it was fun to see her in something other than Grey’s Anatomy.

A lot was happening in this show from the get-go and I loved that. There was always something new but the characters are easy to identify and you get invested quite easily. At least I did.

I wasn’t expecting the show to wrap up so nicely in the last episode like it did. I suppose as one season it does stand well on its own but I am hoping for another season. I feel like we just started to get to know everyone so I want more of this world.

Though if they want to just do a spin-off following the life of JuJu that would be fine she gives me life and I could easily watch her go on adventures day after day.

So I highly recommend this show! It’s a short one but it’s fun!


Okay this one I’ve been watching with my boyfriend and also I started it in December but I just finished it and I needed to include it to add my thoughts.

Honestly, disappointed lol. It was a big show at the time it was airing and there was a lot of mystery but things were just not explained enough for me. I just felt a bit cheated and then it kind of looked like they had all been dead the whole time???

I’m kind of sad I didn’t bail out of this one sooner but also proud that my boyfriend and I finished a long-running show together haha. We usually don’t.

Bridgerton Season 2

I included Bridgerton in my blog post last year and I loved it and obviously I watched season 2. I’m not going to lie, Anthony and Kate were not the most interesting people this season lol. I wanted them to get together sooner than they did but maybe that’s just because I read the book and things happened a bit differently then.

I need more about Penelope next season, and I know in terms of books she won’t get her moment with Colin until book 4 aka season 4 but can we skip Benedict and go straight to Pen? I feel like that’s what the audience would want as well. Especially now that Eloise knows her secret.

Also, spoilers if you haven’t read the books BUT I picked up on the Easter Egg from season one this season when they revisited Marina. In the books; Marina dies and Eloise ends up becoming step mum to the twins and marrying Philip Crane. BUT in the TV show, Marina seems perfectly fine and has just given birth to the twins so I wonder what will happen with that?

To be honest, I hope Eloise ends up with someone else, she deserves more than to be with Philip Crane because if we’re going by the books he’s not great. Like he’s a bad father and just hides away all day in his greenhouse and Eloise is so not the type to just accept that. So I want a better husband for her in the TV show.

Not sure how they will bring Sophie into the mix for Benedict but I think that story will be a cute one. But I’m getting ahead of myself, season 2 just aired!

Overall a good season but Penelope and everyone else were a bit more interesting than our main characters. Like Lady Featherington really slayed hustling the ton and then “cousin Jack” she’s an icon. Plus didn’t miss the Duke of Hastings which is good but also sad because I do enjoy Rege Jean Page.

Currently Watching: Inventing Anna, Queer Eye S6 and More!

Okay so I wanted to include Inventing Anna in this list but my boyfriend and I haven’t finished it as we have been busy watching Silicon Valley and the Amazing Race, but I do hope to get to the end of it soon! Especially because it seems like the kind of show I would watch very quickly on my own.

My boyfriend and I have also been watching Queer Eye season 6, we started one episode like months ago but have been making good progress on the season so far, who doesn’t need some Fab 5 in their life during hard times?

And then on my own; I have been taking time to finally watch Drag Race US Season 14! Honestly, this season is so strong and I am not sure who is going to take the crown but I think I’m mostly rooting for Willow Pill.

I have also watched two episodes of Euphoria and I want to continue on that because it has a lot of hype around it, and maybe I’ll even take in the next season of Grey’s Anatomy…basically what I am saying is there is no shortage of TV shows to be watching at the minute and I am ready for it all lol.

March 2022 Reading Wrap Up

This month I was busy and so I feel like I wasn’t reading as much but we managed to finish one yesterday which makes a total of 3 books! Which I would say is about the average for me, so not bad.

Lie, Lie Again

When I started this one I thought I was going to really like it. But as I was reading it, I was realising the story wasn’t really going anywhere? I mean I thought there was going to be more mystery and drama.

The story follows three women who live in the same apartment complex. They all have their own secrets, which sounds interesting and mysterious but two of them have very basic and boring storylines. The most interesting one was Sylvia and even then it fell a bit flat for me.

I think it could be good in terms of a TV show but there are so many of them out there. So no, the book’s not super original but it was an enjoyable read. I just wish there had been a bit more drama or suspense to keep it a little more interesting. Still better than Open House though.

Loveboat, Reunion

I read the first book in this series a couple of years ago and I was so excited to get my hands on the sequel!

This book follows the story of Sophie and Xavier, they had a wild romance during Loveboat which ended up in flames. Now they are both trying to prove themselves as they return to the real world, Sophie as an AI uni student hoping to woo her professor and Xavier as a high school senior repeat who is struggling with dyslexia.

Honestly, when I first started reading it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I do not remember the first book at all lol so maybe I should have reread it before diving in here. This is a common theme for me with anything, even new seasons of TV shows I just never remember what happened beforehand. But oh well we figure out enough to keep reading.

Still, I really enjoyed this book! I was glad to learn more about Xavier and I was rooting for him and Sophie to work things out in the end. I definitely think I favoured Xavier’s storyline over Sophie’s; hers seemed a bit more surface level to me compared to Xavier’s struggles but I like how they intertwined.

I would highly recommend this book if you enjoyed the first one, I think it wraps up the Loveboat story nicely.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

I feel like I read a lot of murder mysteries but this one I could not put down. I loved this.

It’s not like there’s anything in this murder mystery that is super different from others but I liked the main character Pip a lot. And I enjoyed her determination to solve this mystery. Plus I think it was one where you couldn’t immediately guess the storyline and those are always the best.

I will 100% be picking up the other two books in the series to see what happens next.

And that includes another month of reading. I do not have a currently reading at the moment since I just finished A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder yesterday. Though the next book I know I will be reading is another Bridgerton one since it is due. I think it’ll be the first Bridgerton book about a sibling I know little about so it will be interesting.

Other books I plan to read in April are books that I bought physical copies of a few months ago and should probably get around to reading. That being said I don’t know how many books I’ll be reading since I know I’m busy towards the end of April but we’ll try to read what we can.

So far I have read 8 books out of 22 and so I think I’ll reach my goal in a few months’ time. Yay!

QuirkyWeddings Fair with Jasmine & Lauren! | 20th March 2022

Yesterday I went with my friends Jasmine and Lauren to a wedding fair!

Jasmine is getting married next year and so we went to check out some ideas for her wedding, and not gonna lie I did get some ideas for my own. Not that I’ll be married anytime soon haha.

It was a really fun day! I love looking at wedding things because it’s always so beautiful.

Plus I am super excited to see what Jasmine’s wedding will be like, and I feel honoured that she has chosen me to be a part of it as a bridesmaid.

I probably won’t make much more wedding content but this was a fun day and I wanted to document. Obviously it’s not my wedding so I won’t be going overboard with vlogging and stuff but some things here and there are nice to look back on.

As for my own wedding, I’ll probably document a lot but maybe not post as much? Or I’ll post all the time lol who knows? In the meantime I’ll just enjoy being a part of other peoples weddings. Being a guest is a lot more fun and less stressful.

February 2022 Reading Wrap Up

Not a bad month for reading! Read more than I thought I would so that’s good. So let’s dive into my thoughts.

Open House

Started this one in January, ended it on the 2nd of February and honestly I just wanted it to end. Like it was okay when I started but as the story went on I just felt like it was dragging and I just wanted to know who killed the girl.

Even when we found out it wasn’t that shocking or original. Which is fine because nothing is really original anymore and I love a good cliche from time to time. But this one did not do it for me. I was bored.

Plus like I said in my last post, I hated that it constantly changed the point of view. Sometimes I don’t mind that from a book but this one changed too much. I would have preferred if it had switched less, or if it at least only switched between the sisters. But yeah, anyway glad I finished it so I can move on to something else.

To Sir Philip, With Love

The 5th Bridgerton book. This one was about Eloise and her story was interesting. I have to say I did enjoy this one more than the last one.

Eloise is probably my favourite Bridgerton sibling, she’s opinionated and knows exactly what she wants and is not willing to settle for less. And I was happy for her to find love.

Not that her love interest was the best by any means haha. But still it was a cute story. I can’t tell if half the reason I like it so much was that it was better than the last book I read but I still enjoyed it.

It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the novels will be like as we move on to the lesser known siblings. I hope their stories will be enjoyable or at least tolerable as we are heading towards the last few books. Can’t be stopping the series halfway through.

Release the Best

A nonfiction book! I rarely read these haha. The only times I really read them are when they are written by a YouTuber or a drag queen and this time it’s the latter.

Usually, when I read these I don’t expect much, I don’t mean it to be rude but most of these books are written by people who have never written books before and they are usually just okay. I enjoy reading them because I support the person who wrote them and I’m not expecting life-changing stuff from them.

But Bimini really brought it, they did their homework and I found their book to be educational to me. They discuss a lot about gender theory and growing up queer and finding themselves and I think that was really interesting. As a straight cis-woman, these are things I am not fully educated on so doing some reading on it was useful to me.

Bimini also gives us further reading resources at the back of the book so I know there are places to go if I want to delve more into the subject.

Overall it was an okay read, sometimes it got a bit rambly in places but that can happen sometimes, not a big deal. Still, I did learn some things from it so it was definitely worth picking up. Plus I love Bimini so of course, I’m going to support them, they are iconic.

Currently Reading: Lie, Lie Again

I started this book on the 26th of February and I think it’s going to be a good one. So far I’ve only read 50 pages but I have a good feeling about it. Which is more than I can say for the last Amazon Prime First Reads book I read – yes I’m looking at you, Open House.

But that’s where we are with reading. I actually finished Release the Beast halfway through February and I think I could have squeezed in another book for this month but I took a break from reading for a week or so. It’s not the worst, and I’ll still reach my Goodreads goal but sometimes I think “I definitely could have read more” lol.

What’s ahead for March reading is maybe another Amazon Prime First Read…maybe I have so many from last year I didn’t read so they’re always an option. Though I did buy a few physical books last month so they will take priority. And another Bridgerton book – the way I’ve been reading them is they’re every 4th book I read, so this month I read To Sir Philip, With Love which is the Bridgerton one, then Release the Beast, currently reading Lie, Lie again and then a third book and then we are back on Bridgerton. It’s been working out well.

Plus I am supposed to be heading back into the office again from March so I will have lots of extra reading time on the commute so I imagine I’ll get some good reading done in March. That or I’ll be tired and won’t read at all, we’ll see how it goes.

My Predictions for the Love is Blind Season 2 Weddings

I just finished episode 9 of Love is Blind and was sad to find out that I have to wait a few days to see how all the weddings turn out! But while we wait, I’ve decided to share my predictions on how each wedding will go, so let’s get into it!

Danielle and Nick

So we already know Danielle says yes but I think Nick is going to say no. Did y’all see him at the wedding? He was so SWEATY so he was hella nervous.

I think he’s not ready to commit to marriage but I can see him wanting to keep dating for a while, I don’t know if Danielle will agree to that though because I feel like after being humiliated at the altar when Nick says no is enough to drive her off completely.

These two never seemed like the most stable from the beginning so…I don’t know if their marriage would work even if Nick says yes.

Shayne and Natalie

I think they will both say yes. I thought Shaina might have derailed them but that hasn’t happened so I think they will be fine.

Though they are very different people though so not sure if it will be a long-lasting thing. I think maybe Shayne’s immaturity will grind on Natalie a lot. So we’ll see.

Iyanna and Jarrette

Jarrette is going to say yes. No doubt that’s all I have to say about him haha.

Iyanna is more tricky because I think she could say yes or no. If she says no it’s because of the feeling like a second choice thing but also her difference in lifestyle to Jarrette. But if she says yes I think she will still harbour those feelings of being second best and so they could end up breaking up after a while.

Deepti and Shake

Deepti or Shake could say no.

Shake would say no because of the physical attraction thing. Or if he says yes, I don’t think he would be okay in a marriage that didn’t have much of a physical aspect. In the beginning, it would be fine because Deepti is very supportive and caring but if they weren’t being intimate it would cause problems in the long term.

I also think Deepti could say no because she deserves someone who desires her in all aspects of the relationship so the lack of physical intimacy could be an issue for her too. Again, if they both say yes this could be an issue in the long term.

I don’t know if the physical attraction could come later for Shake but would they both be willing to stick it out to see it happening? I think if they don’t get married they might still date possibly.

Mallory and Sal

I think Sal is 100% going to say yes, and he will probably sing to Mal with his ukulele at the wedding lol. He will not say his vows, he’ll sing them.

I think Mallory will say yes but after speaking with my friend Lauren, I can see how she would say no. I know she didn’t have a strong physical attraction to Sal in the beginning, and I wonder if that is still a problem because she hasn’t been super vocal about it.

Don’t really know if they have had any other issues, at least none I can think of, but I think if they say yes they could be happy together.

So those are all my predictions for the couples! As you can tell I’m invested in this so I can’t wait to see how things turn out.

I can’t be sad or surprised if none of them works out though, it is still reality TV to an extent. That being said I will be happy if they do work out because I’m sappy and romantic.

But overall I expect at least one happy couple, one big blowout when someone says no and one mutually agreed separation. So we’ll see if Love is Blind provides all the goods in the season finale this Friday!

January 2022 Reading Wrap Up

I don’t always like to do big book reviews when I read so I thought each month I would list the books I read and give you a short paragraph on my thoughts.

If you want to know more of my thoughts then I can link to a longer review if I post one, but recently a short couple of paragraphs on Goodreads is enough for me.

If you wanna know more about my reading habits in real-time you can check out my Goodreads but I thought it would be cool to have these summaries too to see how much I read per month.

So without further ado, here are my reads for January!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I started reading this one at the end of last year and I kind of wanted to finish it before then so I could start afresh with a new book this year. But realistically, I read the first 30 pages two days before the new year so the majority was read in January.

Once I got properly stuck into this book, I could not put it down. I was obsessed and it was so good. Evelyn is an icon and her story is one that I think everyone should read.

So we started strong and I give this all the stars and recommend it 100%

The Girl that Reads on the Metro

I picked this up last year, thought it was going to be a cute read. I guess it was to some degree but overall a bit of a letdown.

I found it hard to really enjoy the story since I ended up rereading paragraphs sometimes because I lost track of what was going on. Not sure if it was due to the translation or just me reading through things too quickly but it wasn’t my fave.

Also, the poetic writing style was not for me. It was definitely beautiful writing and I can appreciate that but sometimes I could do without all the fluffy description because I just want to know what happens.

So yeah, this one was not the best and I almost considered giving up on it but because it was short I held out. Definitely was not my thing.

Currently Reading: Open House

This one I am currently halfway through. So far it’s okay, not my favourite mystery. The constant switching point of view kind of bothers me though because I would rather you stay on one person for at least a few chapters before moving on, some chapters are only 3 pages long so it’s a lot to keep switching. But we’re halfway there so might as well keep going haha.

And that concludes the January reading wrap up. I’d say it was an okay month for reading, there were weeks I didn’t read at all and others where I read a lot. Can’t complain though as we start off the reading challenge of the year quite strong.

This year in terms of books I am choosing to read, I don’t have much of a plan. Mainly my goal is to finish the Bridgerton series and start the PLL book series. And maybe read more of the Amazon Prime First Reads books, I get a free one every month from prime and yet I haven’t been reading them lol. They can be a bit hit or miss but they’re free so can’t complain.

So yeah, lots of books to be reading, don’t always make time for them but we do what we can. I can’t imagine I’ll be reading many books next month as February always seems very short but who knows? I might surprise myself.

My 2022 Goals

I haven’t had new year’s resolutions or goals in a long time, but at the start of this year, I was feeling uncharacteristically optimistic and have set some goals for myself. These are things I believe I can achieve this year, but if I don’t achieve them I am not going to be disappointed in myself.

I feel like I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to keep to goals and new year’s resolutions so I never made them but this year I am going to try to take things at my own pace, I know not everything will come magically overnight. If I don’t complete these it won’t be the end of the world, but I’m hoping if I even make a little progress on them I will be happy.

Learn to Drive

This is something I have been saying for years lol but it’s time to finally do it. I passed my theory test in 2020 and it is going to expire in February so we need to take that again. I only started lessons last year due to the pandemic, and even then I didn’t do very many as my instructor retired.

So I am on the hunt for a new driving instructor, last year when I was looking for one a lot of them were booked up which is annoying. But people are turning 17 every day and need instructors so I think I just need to put myself on some waiting lists and see what happens.

In the last driving lesson I had, I was very anxious so it will take a while for me to build confidence again with driving but I hope that if I find the right instructor then things will go well for me.

Blog More

I think this is always on my mind, but I have to be realistic about this. I already journal, memory plan and tweet, Instagram etc. I document a lot of things in a lot of places so I can’t expect to always be posting here too. I just don’t have time.

So I think if I can try to make at least one blog post a month that would be something. I think over the years I have put pressure on myself for what kind of posts I would post here but when I first started blogging it was literally on Bebo and I was 11 years old lol. I just need to not overthink it.

Read 22 books

I had to include this here, I always set myself a Goodreads reading goal and I’ve always completed them. So at least I know this is one that’s easily done.

Why 22 books? Because it’s 2022 lol – that and also I haven’t been reading as many books since the pandemic as I used to always read on public transport and I don’t travel as much. But the last couple years I always read at least 20 so this is an achievable goal.

Learn a Language

This one was my boyfriend’s idea. He wanted to learn a language this year because he thought it would be good. So we signed up for Duolingo.

Originally we wanted to learn something together and I thought Korean would be good because I took a couple of courses in uni and I liked it. I was also trying to talk my boyfriend down from learning Mandarin which was super difficult to learn in comparison.

So we started Korean, though my boyfriend did not last very long lol. He found it hard to grasp the basics, whereas I had previous knowledge of it and so I’ve been sticking with it.

I know Duolingo is not the best source of learning Korean because there’s a lot that goes into learning the language, but I thought it would be a good starting point.

In terms of a language, my boyfriend and I can learn together? I have no idea. But he’s keen on Spanish so I might give it a go and see how it turns out. Though learning two languages is a lot of work! So we’ll see how this one goes. Learning anything in terms of a new language is an achievement in my book.

Spend more time with friends and family

This is something that has been lacking the last few years because of the pandemic, but it’s something I want to do more. I feel like since I moved out of my mum’s house I see her about twice a year and I want to make the effort to visit more often.

I also want to make the effort to see my friends, while most of them live in England some of them still live nearby! So I should not forget about that. I definitely want to make more time for people around me, if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen but I want to at least make the effort.

Make progress on my house

I suppose this is a joint goal for me and my boyfriend. We bought a house last year and it needs a lot of work. Since living here, we have got one room completed lol and we would like to get a lot more done this year.

I am confident we will get it sorted, though these things take time and money. But we already have taken steps to kick start our house renovations this year, we have been looking into new kitchens which is a big thing. Our kitchen and our bathrooms are probably the biggest rooms to renovate, everything else is paint and furniture so hopefully we can get these rooms sorted and everything else will fall into place!

I’m not expecting our whole house to be completed by the end of this year, but even two more rooms than what we have now is something.

Exercise consistently

So this is just a personal thing for me. I started exercising more towards the second half of 2021 and I want to continue that into the new year. I am not going to go on a crazy health kick or anything but a little bit more exercise than what I currently do is good enough for me.

I already do pole and hoop classes, but I also want to work on my cardio because it is terrible lol and also if I can fit in some more strength building workouts or something it will definitely help me improve in my aerial skills. So yeah this one definitely is not a big thing for me, but it’s just something I wanted to add to my routine.

And that concludes my list of goals for 2022! They aren’t anything special, but I thought I would share them and then I can give an update on them as the year goes on.

I feel like there are probably some other small goals I have in mind for this year but these are the main ones I could think of for now.

I’m not really sure what it is about this year that had me feeling optimistic but I was just in the mindset of I need to get shit done this year haha and so we will see what I’ve accomplished as the year goes on.

And hey, I guess you could say this blog post is already contributing to blogging more – so I’ll take that as a win! Oh and another thing this year I need to figure out how to end blog posts, I’ve struggled with this for forever…I just don’t know how to end my thoughts haha. One day I’ll figure it out, or I won’t follow along on this blogging journey with me haha.

2021: YouTube Edition!

A montage of my 2021 YouTube videos! Gotta say this one was tougher to put together than others as it didn’t really have a flow but we went with it anyway – I said as long as I post more than one YouTube video a year I could make these and I’m sticking to it.