My First Erin Condren Planner!


After debating it for a while I decided to treat myself and get an Erin Condren planner!

I have wanted one of these ever since I first found the planning community on YouTube. But the price of them has always put me off. It’s expensive, and was I really going to use it once I got it?

That’s why for my first planner I decided to go a bit smaller and cheaper – a Kikki K planner. I found inserts that had the same size boxes as the Erin Condren so I could still buy stickers and used it as a trial run.

In the end, I actually really enjoyed using my Kikki K planner, it was super cute and it was great to keep track of things. And once I found that the inserts were running out, I did think about just buying more – but before I looked for new inserts I visited the Erin Condren site.

The fact that they were having a sale and I got my planner for half the price sealed the deal. It made up for the fact I did have to pay shipping costs (which is gross, because who likes to pay for shipping?). But aside from that, I was super excited to get my planner!

I have been using the planner for about a week now and it’s been fabulous before in my Kikki K I feel like I didn’t have enough space to always write things down but with the Erin Condren I have more than enough space. It also came with a ziplock bag and an inner pouch which is great for storing my stickers.

Of course, I would love to get stuck in making full sticker spreads and things like that now that I have the right planner for it but I still can’t justify the price of sticker kits. Sure it’s one thing to splash out money on a fancy planner that will last a year, but to spend ยฃ10 a week on a sheet of stickers that will be used in minutes? Eh…not so sure.

So I will stick with mostly writing things done but adding a sticker or two to make it slightly more decorative. But that being said I could very easily go sticker crazy lol I guess we see what happens over time.

But I’m really glad that I made the choice to get one so I could experience having one otherwise, I guess I would have wondered what it would be like. So now I have the experience I can decide if I want to continue with this planner or use another one in the future.

The price is definitely one of those things that is throwing me off ever buying another one. But they are so pretty and I think that the layout and quality are great, but the shipping costs are just too much. Like you have to pay $55 for the planner to begin with, so adding on the other costs it’s definitely way too much…but youย canย get them on Amazon, which I don’t know if you still have to pay customs but at least it would shave off the shipping price. Though they definitely don’t have the same range as the original website. So…yeah I guess I will have to decide if this is the planner I want to continue to use. But I have most of a year to think about it in the meantime, I think I will enjoy the planner as it is.

If you want to see my full unboxing and comparing it to my previous planner, a Kikki K filofax planner then check out the video below:

~ Courtney x

Jasmine’s Birthday Surprise Weekend | 28th – 30th September 2018

One night at TGI’s my friends and I were having dinner and we decided to surprise our friend Jasmine for her birthday. She goes to university in England, and we haven’t been able to spend much time with her since she’s started her course. So we thought it would be great to all go over for her birthday, especially because it was around the start of the new university semester so we weren’t very busy.

However, my friends and I had only decided to do this a couple of weeks before her birthday, which meant we were going to have to work hard to pull it off. Luckily, things came together for us quite quickly, which is a miracle because we are the type of people who can’t make decisions on things to save our lives. But within a couple of days we had flights, buses/trains booked, an air bnb and Jasmine’s boyfriend’s sister on board to help us with the surprise from Jasmine’s end. We wanted to tell Chris, Jasmine’s boyfriend, but we knew he couldn’t keep a secret, so his sister was the safer bet.

In the end though, Chris kind of caught onto something, which was lucky he knew because on the day we all arrived in Chelmsford, Chris and Jasmine were in town and Megan was coming out of the train station…Our cover was almost blown! Luckily, Jasmine didn’t see her, but Chris did. If he didn’t know there was something going on he probably would have told Jasmine and again, all our planning would have gone down the drain.

But we were saved by Chris, and so we were able to get to our air bnb and set up and Jasmine ended up being surprised!

It was a super fun weekend and I was so excited to vlog it because I knew it was going to be one of those things I wanted to document and keep forever. So if you wanna see what we got up to then check out the video above!

Overall, it was a really great experience and it also showed me what my friends and I can do when we actually make decisions and get organised – that being said, I don’t see us doing anything like this again for a long, long time lol

~ Courtney x