My Sim in the Snow

A random picture of my Sim in the snow – I posted this on my Sims Instagram and I really like the way it turned out so wanted to share it here.

I haven’t really been able to play Sims much recently because of uni work but I have plenty of old gameplay screenshots to share with the world.

I have this habit of wanting to document everything so why not document my Sims lives online as well as my own?

The above Sim is called Sapphire – she is the 3rd generation of my Jewel Legacy. I have had this save game for about 2 years now. My plan is to have each generation complete an aspiration and a career – so Sapphire’s career is an art critic, though I might have her open an art gallery too. I forget what her aspiration is but I’m pretty sure it’s just the painting one.

If you want to follow more of Sapphire’s journeys you can check out my Sims Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter. I tend to live-tweet when I play and then Tumblr is updated later, and Instagram gets sprinkles of posts here and there.

And while I’m shamelessly plugging everything I might also note I have a Sims YouTube channel where I post Create a Sim videos and Speed Builds. I don’t do Let’s Plays though, mainly because I get bored of them and it’s a lot of commitment.

So there you go, now you know I spend way too much time playing Sims and I spend just as much time talking about it on social media lol

The Newberrys | Crick Cabana | Sims 4 World Makeover

I am attempting to makeover every single household and lot on the Sims 4. Yes it’s going to take forever and no this is not an original idea, but I’ve always wanted to do it, and so I’m starting with the Crick Cabana lot in Willow Creek.

I have also decided that if a lot does not have a household in it, like this particular one, I am going to create a family to live there. This means that every home will have a family and it will allow me to update the interior with some personality based on the Sims living there.

I’m super excited to start this challenge and hopefully you will join me on this makeover journey!