My First Aura Estelle! | 2022 Planner Unboxing

I have my planner for 2022!

Sticker planning has been a hobby of mine for a few years now and I am finally going to be taking the plunge next year and going full force in my sticker memory planning aka weekly sticker kits for every single week in the year.

I have included a photo below of what a typical weekly sticker kit looks like in my planner so you get the idea.

The past few years I have only been doing these kind of spreads for special occasions because it seemed like a lot of money to spend on stickers to do this every week. And it is a costly hobby, not going to lie I’m ashamed to say how much money I have spent on stickers this year because it’s just not the one.

But because I enjoy this hobby so much, I’ve decided to take it this step further. I didn’t want to start out full force in case I stopped the hobby after a few weeks and wasted money but because I’ve been keeping it up for a while I think it’s fine for me to take this step.

I have no idea what next year will hold for me in terms of life events or anything, but just know that I’ll be capturing it all in a pretty planner with lots of stickers haha. I look forward to showing you what it all looks like at the end of next year!